For those of you who do have a lot of clutter and a little bit of time. Go into your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom and lastly the storage room. Everything you see has an energy whether you feel it or not. 

You can Google it, ask around, you will probably know at least one person who knows that possessions have energy, they carry it or hold it. Stagnant energy results from possessions unused, unloved, untouched.

How long have you had this old jumper for and when was the last time you wore it? That’s right… long long time ago.

The toiletry, the lotion, that cream. Did you ever use it? Why is it here? What energy must it give out if it’s dusty, dirty and long forgotten.

If you are snapped out of your home, above it, hovering like a bird, your eye sight shifts to energy goggles and guess what you will see.

This old water, green manky stagnant yaki stuff got to go. Why? Because you are worth of the new energy, the space. Because your home is where you reside today, tomorrow and the day after so touch on self-love and self-care, it’s all got to go.

“I don’t have the energy to clean or de-clutter, I really don’t”

Boo -wo, no wonder why you don’t if there is stuff unseen, unused and totally out of date.

Look, this doesn’t have to be a ginormous job, a drag or a slap in the face. It could be an add job you start doing as and when you think of it. Here are the two rules.

Rule Number One:

Physical Possessions rule number two: have I used it in the last six months?


Rule Number Two:

Physical Possessions rule number two:  5 second rule to act on the thought of de-cluttering

If not now, when? It’s got to be done, be prepared for disgust, surprise, awe and all other kinds of emotions or exclamations.

Once, it’s all gone, space has been freed up, please become vigilant. Start waking up into an awareness of what’s next and what’s the most loving, fun, inspiring or beautiful much needed and wanted NEW possessions I can get.

Fill up your home with objects that you love. This will significantly improve your life, in all areas.

Count me in if you need an accountability buddy. I have the best florescent colour whip here ready to ‘skiidush’ at you, if you fall behind on any of the two rules.

Taking this a step further, my favourite saying is ‘You are your own best teacher” but which is the YOU worth listening to… you can dive into a deep exploration of your inner voices and loving them yet again. Join us in for the playful way to self-love, this April. 

With love and with light