It all started when my parents exchanged a small talk about our neighbours son who comes to help his elderly mother almost every week. The daughter comes every other week. According to my parents one way of looking at their regular visits is because they want the will of their mother to include both of them, so they both get half of that house. So the son is being helpful because he wants to be on that will of heritage. According to me that was not true. I thought he was being helpful because he genuinely cares about his mother. The will. Did not even cross my mind but then it triggered me to write this post.

Our personal will was recently surrendered to Divine Will for those of us who are on the ascension wave, highly awake and conscious, this was not really a choice, it sort of happened with us moving into high frequency, higher planes of existence and a higher dimension. The fifth dimension. This surrendering of personal will over to divine will can be experienced as lack of personal drive or desire and more of a desire to just be, help, and serve. Yes. Very distinct. Intuitive messages become louder, any claire able people (clairvoyant, clairesentient, clairaudient and clairecognitive) will have their abilities sky rocket. The need for understanding is surrender with our personal will and now only divine will matters as it expresses itself through the infinite individual aspects of One that we are. Yes. We are all one but then we are all one as individual expressions of that one.

So what if the universe has orchestrated everything in your reality as it is just so that you can call upon the will of the universe to work through you and to make each choice, to take each action and to speak each word on your behalf?

Yes. How often we call on the will of the divine is a sign of spiritual maturity which is largely overlooked and underestimated.

Another way to look at The Will is relative to every one who is called Will or Willis. I know a Willis and I met via email a couple of guys called Will, one lives is Scotland and one lives in Australia. Interesting people and I do believe our names carry their own energy stamp on us.

What about the saying: Where there is a will, there is a way. Again a very clever way of bringing this call for the will of the universe to work through us because who are we with our personal human will???

Yes. The divine will and the personal will are interconnected, interdependent. Yet one remains active all the time and the other one dissolves as the collective ego disintegrates too. Which by the way is happening as we speak, whether we like it or not.

In the heart of surrender, it is most important to surrender to Love. This is the highest guiding force and so my last question to you is:

Will you surrender your personal will to divine will?

More often?

Ask for guidance all the time, about anything. Literally, I call upon the will of the universe to work through me and make this shopping time amazing on my behalf. Amen. And-whach-what-happens.

I have a new Work-with-me page describing how you can work with me in three simple ways. The first one is where I give you a card reading. This is really enjoyable for me so you get to receive extra clarity on any given topic or area of your life that you may be procrastinating on. Like today for example, I gave a card reading to a lady who has just graduated and is procrastinating her career path beginning. After the card reading and extra strategy/discussion she was absolutely stocked how much clarity she got out of our conversation. I highly recommend this if you have relationship hurdle or a specific question like “what should I know about the situation I am in?”.

Second way you can work with me is through an actual Delina coaching model coaching session. This is where we dive deeper into your metaphysical being and consciousness state. I am really good at putting things in order so if there is any confusion in your mind, I sure can put it straight. I use several influences in my work. It goes by finding out where you are not coming from a place of love, how practically we can get you there, using a structure that is wholistic and promoting self-adjustment along the way. It’s awesome and effective.

The third way you can work with me is via the playful way to self-love programme which is a six week journey into your inner self and inner voice discovery. Again, I am happy to be your personal coach through this if you don’t choose the self-study option. You can find out more about the playful course here. 

Lots of love everyone.



p.s. thank you so much to all women who participated in my research last week. And the ones that didnt, thank you for ignoring me.