Now that I hear the true sound within me, urging me to follow my dreams no matter what. Now that the magnificence of my being is urging to step forward, merge with The Whole and hold the vibration of love, divinity and magic.

Now that I found the light of admirations, I am free.

I know where I am coming from!


The Location Story

I was born in a small Bulgarian town, located in the south near Haskovo.

Bulgarian map with English written cities

I had a wonderful childhood, wild and free summer holidays, eating tens of different fruits from mailbury to aipricot. Going for vacations in the mountines, mushroom picking, herbal teas, and palm tapping on big ants’ nests.

Teenage years happened in the second biggest city  Plovdiv (beautiful city by the way). So I went to to collage with intense English lessons and it was “fun” since I also lost my virginity around about then. Peer pressure, that’s all I got to say.

Then the 1st awakening happened. My fragile mind expanded and consciousness absorbing me and my being. Soon after I moved to England. Following the greateness of a story, finding the opposite of everything including the head shake for yes and no.

Once England, I committed to integration, following the path, smoking ganja for years on end, taking drugs, mad parites and hours of Psychology all the while situation in the Beautiful Dorset and Sandbanks beaches.

Today I find myself in the country sides, Wiltshire’s vicinity colours my morning run.


The Travel Story

The first adventure outside of Bulgaria was on the bus to Germany. Washing in motorway toilet special sinks and eating picknic style meals. The next journey was on a big ship across the Black See and Ukraine.

I was with the troops, all of us passionate dancers, posing for photo’s filled with light and happiness.

Portugal, Spain, France, Finland, adventures adventures.

Until I reached the shores of Zanzibar and historical Hampi, India. Then blind love had me travel to Miami, Florida.

All the while seeing Beauty

Beautiful women, with roses on her head and roses on her dress and its the subtle pink rose colour background


Spreading Beauty:

women's face, beautiful with the mouth covered in blood, extending to either side towards the ears, black background

The Personal Story

Adventures, affairs, meet ups and goodbyes, turbulance and flow, I say no, life says Yes. Delina stands for “Delina, Enjoys, Life, Inviting, New, Adventures”!

Delina's head shot, swirling drawing on one side and naked face on the other, also naked shoulders visible

Psychology, technology, break into yoga and affirmations. The seed for the internal journey opened free, I have unravled and travelled…

My offerings stem from joy, love and the values I stand for:

Visibility (being seen)





I fell in love with a boy when I was young, he was a reflection of me that drove me mad.

I fall in love so easy, the desire for this keeps me alive. Joy follows, sadness too. Im a joyfully sad dancer of sorrow, smiling inside, free from the mind

absorbed by the light. My ego is my friend, my body is petite and my cat loves me not.

Open the flood gates and share with me your story, where do you come from, who are you? wherre are you going?

Be Gentle




P.S. By the way the stories of our lives can be dangerious since our mind can cling on to a story as if I was cling on for dear life. I will teach more about this in two days. I just wanted you to think about the stories that you carry s oppose to the reality, factuality.

Keep an eye on this space.