What you do with what you have is far more important than what you have in the first place. 

doing is as important as having

Well I want to bring your attention to the emotional possessions like emotions, feelings, attachments. For example, someone who feel hopeless or helpless is in fact possessed by those feelings and so what should one do with such possession. If what we do with what we have is more important than what we have in the first place, then the things we do something with will be considered lucky.  

I think there comes a time when we do something with everything we have, not just some selected things. For instance, you felt inspired to start an unfinished project but you complete it this time around and more energy is freed up for you to use on the next thing. Eventually, you would generate a lot of energy, you would complete a lot of things and you would perhaps tap into the things that were not considered for important to do something with in the first place.  

My point is, if you learn what to do with the things you don’t want to do anything with, you would be far better off then learning what to do with the things you want to do something with. The more we care, the more love we generate.  


You have x amount of stuff and it is important you do something with them. The importance falls on the doing rather than on the having. I see, the focus falls on acting, or being in action. This indeed, provides you with empowerment and it is not easy because we are actually training to acquire things rather than learning how utilize what we have already. So, we totally live in a society that is about consuming, and gaining more and more. Regardless of what you already have, or what you could do with what you have. It’s about acquiring more. This can be mental, emotional or physical acquisition.  


What do you do with the acquisition pattern itself… ha, always coming back to the doing but then there is also a being, right? Sometimes what is needed with the things we have is to just be with them. Like emotions and feeling, they require our unconditional presence, attention and love so that they can relax and transmute. Change shape or change form. I love that.  

Our planet does not suffer from lack of resources but from lack of distribution of resources. All the systems, solutions and technologies exist yet we observe pollution. If the distribution was taken care of then we would be in a better place but distribution is an invisible thing. Yet again we must learn what to do with the intangible things, the things we don’t see.  


When you are open hearted and in state of love, flow, joy, you naturally distribute back the things you have and you return to the flow of abundance. No barriers or stoppers, just receiving and giving. In that, what you have in the first place is just as important as what you do with it. if you have a lot of love to give, then what you do with it is as important as the thing you have. But if you have helplessness, it is not so important, right. Or if you have death in the family, not important. No. This is not the way.  


I want to include the people who would judge what they have in the first place as worthless and therefor give up, go into resignation and not bother with the doing at all.  

What you do with what you have is far more important than what you have in the first place is a way of invalidating all that you have in the first place is exactly what you need to have and it is an equal part of the whole. The doing can’t rise in value unless the having is inclusive.  

Can we teach our children what to do with everything that they possess be it a negative emotion or mental concept or physical toy?  


Because the opposite is true. Sometimes, no matter what you do, things don’t change. They don’t change because not everything has been recognized as source energy in form. It has not been given the appropriate respect and it has not been accepted for what it is.  


There are times that we act despite how things are and we have accepted the unacceptable and we have been inspired to act and do with what we got. That’s fine but first it was the self-acceptance of all that is and then the doing.  


What we do with what we have is far more important than what we have in the first place is unfortunately not quite the all-inclusive statement and it gives off the vibe that some things are more valuable to do something with then others.  


What we do with what we have is as important as what we have in the first place.  


The first… creates a sense of separation. We are living in times of inclusion. Semantics and linguistics are so valuable at this time because some of the old teachings are not valid in the new spiritual paradigm. The new spiritual paradigm is rooted in inclusiveness and anything that cutes things into far and near, better and worst is going to struggle in the waves of unity that are coming.  

Regards and love.



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