Are you emotionally dead, clogged up or numb? My latest insight into the human psyche is saying that I can tune into those who are emotionally dead.

It’s the law of resonance that says like attracts like.

Hear me out, emotionally clogged up system is the same vibrational state as the emotionally rich. One time, you choose to see it as deadened, too much, cluttered and on the other side it is rich vibrant store full of emotional experiences.

Either way, something’s got to move.

That’s right, the trick is in the movement and the first thing you can do is figure out which side of the fence you are on and then decide if you need someone with rich emotions to come to you so as to give you aliveness or if you need to go and give away some of you riches so as to feel more empowered from the contribution.


Give and take?

I was tweeting about this: Are you a giving nature or a taking one?

Any how… emotional possessions are in need of movement. If you need a boost of empowerment book a Prayer Call or a Screaming Call and I guarantee you results. 

The last thing I want to say today is: what you seek is seeking you. 

Emotionally dead is the checkered chess move that means you are in need of Aliveness, now!!!!

The six step process that you can take will lead you to your inner voice where aliveness resides loud and clear. Book here or email me back to enquire. 

How come we become emotionally dead? 

Emotions, feelings and sensations are natural for us humans and when they are supressed they turn into anger. Anger from not fully being able to express yourself, and further supressed turns into sadness. Opressed sadness for long time, turns into numbness.

Ive seen my boyfriend needing to feel pain to over ride the oppressed sadness which is acrtually anger which is bubbling up and he doesnt  know how to express it.

Do you know it… that adrenaline…I am about to explode moment, and all you can think of is bashing something so the physical pain high jackes the rest of what’s going on.

This kind of emotional dead is truelly in need of awakening, movement and self-love. Please dont wait any longer. Let it all out, use me to vent to or find someone else. Just do it though.


Two heads one body, cartoon representing emotionally dead



With love and with light





p.s. an amazing website came to my attention: 




p.s.s. an amazing YouTube video you must watch: A 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life after her parents been divorced