as get go-er, going, going, the next and the next and the next… there comes a point when you got to wake up out of that. Wake up and out of the getting the next thing and the next thing.




You’ve just got back from a two day diving deep into femininity. Your pain was simple: a feeling of disowned was asking you to embrace it, to sit and feel it.

Exhale is how it happened though. Once you felt safe in your teacher’s atmosphere, you relaxed, and that’s when your biggest light and biggest darkness met faces. You had no idea that this feeling of disowned is what has been holding your gentle heart a prisoner. You did well, you were in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

Do you remember this one time when you were in another training, with another teacher who asked you to exhale and you had no idea why she does it this way but it worked miracles as in you had a mind blowing experience… Now, it happened naturally and your heart said “if you just learn to exhale more often, I would relax and open up to connection and love and fulfilment”.


Once you arrive at a place, you know, once you have reached that place where you were going to, you can exhale like “ahhh”, right. You can use this a little signal to your heart, to relax.

When we relax we experience enlightenment.

So exhaling is a small practice you can start doing every now and then to:

  1. bring you back to this present moment
  2. open your heart to connection

This actually really nicely ties with becoming responsive and being honest which are two steps of

the playful way

Let’s think about it. We breathe automatically. We go into meditation or breath work, where inhales and exhales are intended. During sports training you know… body regulates its inhales and exhales…

But this exhale that I am talking about is a different one, it’s to exhale like ‘you’ve got it’.

Internal ‘ahhhh’ sound.

Sometimes this exhale comes when you have tried everything, controlled as much as you can and you have given up, sat down on a rock besides a road and gone ‘aaaah’. ‘I give up’.

Whether this has happened to you or not…

Try inviting this moment intentionally, like set an intention and then do it, exhale as hard as you can, one time, may be when you are driving on your own.

If you reside in your heart, you will feel an opening. If you reside in your mind, you may laugh, which is good, a good sign, you are releasing some pressure, so If I were you, I would exhale one more time should it provoke another giggle.

What I am asking you to do is – i-n-t-i-m-a-t-e


Be intimate with life, with this present moment.

I promise life and all your dreams want you to become more intimate with them. Don’t fear your struggles. Easier said than done, I know but Breath work is where we start, ok. Practice with me.

It goes back to harmony and peace my dear one. It really does, let’s be musical together by exhaling and creating harmony. For every exhale, another human being deep into their subconscious programming, deep down stuck in hate and betrayal or whatever else, will end up ‘inhaling’ just because that’s how this thing works. So we r doing a good thing, ‘tick’.


I love you.

With love.

With light.




p.s. readability score on this article is OK.