I was there looking at these bugs in real-time, how they eat other insects and how they move or how they make love, and … my pubic bone area started to come alive. Sensations of expansion, something that felt infinite and left me to the end of the world. 

insect eating a fly


I had to cover my mouth with my hands to avoid spilling over into the environment. Staying close to myself, both hands on my face, I was in awe for a while, sighing like never before, experiencing all kinds of long-winded sensations leave my body. My voice was coming from somewhere down below. I was gasping for air, pausing each time I looked at yet another creature of unimaginable beauty and perfection. 

green insect that is hard to recognize in its natural habitat

Seeing the insects was the highlight of my trip to Canada this time around. A sensory overload made me cry tears of joy and awe. I sat down many times to recuperate and then continue looking at the different colours. What a gift. I was seriously astonished at the intricacy with which nature has created these bugs. 


this was the exact insect that made me cry with awe because of its beauty

Creepy crawlies have never been my favourite thing you know. I thought it was very brave of me to spend hours in their presence. Looking into their world from a place of sheer curiosity and seeing just how special they are. 


I loved it. 22 dollars worth every minute. 


I have never seen anything this beautiful. When I started crying and sat down for a bit, one of the girls came to check on me. I think having a newborn in my hands could beat that experience. 


How beautiful and special insects are. 

a special insect

My breathing was one of surprise, energy-wise I was rising so high, and think that’s why these disturbances in my pubic bone were leaving. I held myself and did not rush. There were lots of kids as well, groups of students coming and passing through me, continuing to the next bit, while I spend longer. Just watching. 


It was incredible and I honestly have one of my friends to thank for this experience because he inspired me. He loves Beatles and I wanted to honour him so that’s why I chose to go to the insectarium as opposed to the botanical gardens or planetarium or these other two spaces called biodome and biosphere. 


I was one straight line of light, awareness, looking at a small white insect eating a big fat fly and I received it all. It was an aleph moment as Paolo Coelho calls it. My goodness. 


Insects are great. 

it's showing two insects that are in love

I feel courageous for having faced my biggest fear. Looking at the things that make my skin cringe and seeing with my own two eyes how beautiful and perfect they are was one of the best things that have happened to me this year. 




I wish for you to be able to visit the insectarium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada one day. 


I love myself that much more because of the inspired action that also meant facing my fears. Well done me.