In my yoga community this month we are working with the word ROOT. our monthly calendar theme is about grounding and rooting so that we can find nourishment and rise. I was particularly inspired by the first practice Root to Rise and wanted to create a short seaside card reading. So I pulled two cards:

  1. From my deck The Yogic Path, which is Dharana. Single-focused concentration. 
  2. From the Blind Spot deck, that is non-commitment. 

In my video, I explain a little bit more about each one but in essence, the message is simple. You would benefit to think of this rooting practice as giving yourself and your energy to something to birth something else. Your concentration on one goal this month will transform it into a physical manifestation. What’s likely to get in your way is this blind spot of non-commitment. You might not be aware of it, or willing to admit that you are not committed, that’s why it’s a blind spot. 

showing two cards, one shows a Sigil, the other one shows a woman with sunset or sunrise in her head. Context: instant tarot reading for yoga community - Yoga with Adrienne - and it's monthly theme root to rise.

These are questions worth exploring: What is so scary about giving my energy to grounding, rooting and nourishing? What is scary about putting me fully into this month’s theme of ROOT?  


I’ve outlined and simplified 4 different fears that could come up. 

  1. Fear of losing something. You think you will gain lots of problems and you are afraid you will lose your inner peace. 
  2. Fear of committing. You think you will be trapped and lose your freedom so instead, you choose to escape. 
  3. Fear of decisions. You think you will lose options when you choose one and therefore be trapped with potential consequences. Imagine if those are losses instead of gains, you will feel a sense of failure. 
  4. Fear of looking bad. You think admitting to your real commitments would add to your not feeling good. So you appear to be committed by saying  “I’ll try” instead of “I will”. 

That is why it is time to say no to some things to cultivate potent sing-focused concentration. It will prove enough pressure and transformation for your one goal to be birthed into physical reality. 

If you are in a deep state of immersion at work, then your grounding will come from your commitment to rise from the root up.