Feeling hard done by.


Have you ever felt like you are being hard done by?

I am feeling like that tonight because of a stupid thought that my husband is getting laid five times a week with his partner while I am approaching my stupid 30th birthday with hormones running wild, a  hot tall guy from Australia next door and sleeping alone, present in the cosmos. Great.

Some competitiveness coming out here I must admit.

I really don’t care when I come back to my resent moment in the room, snug as a bug. I wish A and J will do their sex tape so that I can watch them. I wish I can be peaceful about all love making between anyone.

Feeling sorry for myself. ☹

Now, on the plus side, I had had some very inspiring news about my latest dreams coming true and that’s just plain cool.

My wife likes our new location to which we will be moving to soon. My friend offered to become my second husband. My real husband offered to go to Bulgaria together and more to the point, he offered to do some healing for the whole country.

Shamans you see.

I know one Bulgarian shaman who lives in Spain but heals in the Peruvian mountains. Back when I last spoke to him, I asked him to print my photo and keep it with him during ceremonies, so that the mountains can know about me and my name –  Delina.

Speaking of which, I will share that Delina means Warrior Princess. And… someone asked me about it today. I feel like because I was able to openly share about my name, fluent English and how I got it through studying Psychology – resulted in the biggest tip ever – 21 pounds and 50 pence.

It’s bloody 04:12 am and I couldn’t sleep.

I had to write this out and I am sending it with this one advice, ei:






OK, here’s the flip side:

My husband is also going to write his second book which takes time and devotion for the benefit of all. I chose not to focus on that and to be all like me me me… May I wish him ease of flow in his writing hours.

The unexpected proposition or suggestion for a second husband from what I consider to be a very unique man – is also super welcomed since my A is 30 years older than me and there may come a time when he wont be physically around and someone else will care and support me.


All is well.


All is love.


Feeling GRATEFUL for feeling hard done by.