Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for a card reading?

Anywhere between £9.99 and £299. It depends if you want a one-card reading or an online live meetup. All of the prices are indicated in our shop. Please have a look at your card reading of choice and you will see the price on the right-hand side. Thank you.

How long does it take to receive my card reading?

Up to 10 days. It could be less but it could not be longer than 10 days. If it needs to be delayed longer than 10 days from the day of purchase, we will email you directly to let you know. Once you book your reading, it will get to you within 10 days. Thank you.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. You can get a refund if you email us within 24 hours of booking your card reading. If 24 hours have passed then we won’t issue a refund. Please use this email address if you need to request a refund Thank you.

I’ve ordered the wrong card reading, what should I do?

Email us at within 24 hours of purchase and we will sort it out for you. Let us know which card reading you wanted instead and we will change it. If the pricing is different, we will issue a full refund of the one you booked and ask you to buy the one you wanted instead. This means you will get your money back for the wrong card reading and then you will be charged again for the one you actually wanted. This may take some time so please bear with us. Thank you.

What happens if I use different emails?

The email you use when you book your reading is the email we will be writing to. If you want us to have a different email for correspondence then please add it at check out or email us directly at

Can I change my order, please?

Yes, you can. Email us within 24 hours to let us know which card reading you want instead. Use this email address and we will process it for you. Thank you.

What do you do with the card reading after you have sent it off?

We delete the files after two days to adhere to confidentiality and to keep our system tidy and clean. No one except us has access to your file. Your file is in the written pdf format that contains your message and images. A card reading is a non-tangible object and once it leaves our hands, we cannot receive it back and so we delete what we have on file a couple of days later after we have sent it to you. Thank you.

What if I don’t understand the message of the cards?

Book a live session with us and we will discuss it until you are confident. You can do that by booking this card reading option. If you still don’t understand it then clearly a card reading is not for you at this time. We would advise you to read our code of ethics and seek professional advice from the appropriate people. Thank you

Can I get a refund on a live session?

No. You can imagine the time and effort as well as energy and grace it takes to meet online in person and read cards on a live stream. No refund will be issued however if you book a live session with us and cancel within 24 hours, we will send you a refund. Meeting in person is always special and magical, we would be encouraging you to take the positive out of the card reading. At the end of the day, a card reading is meant for entertainment purposes only. Please refer to our code of ethics for more information. Thank you.

What cards are you using for the card readings?

The Divine Guidance deck is also called Frequency Tarot. The Blind Spot oracle and Healing Mantras deck. There will be another two decks added to our entourage. One will be about values and one will be about ethereal beings. The Divine Guidance tarot and The Blind Spot oracle decks are both created by Teal Swan. The Healing Mantras are created by Matt Kahn. Both of them are spiritual teachers that we have been working with for many years. Please check out and Thank you.

How many card readings can I buy?

As many as you like. You can buy the ones you want at the same time. Simply add them to the basket and proceed to check out.  Thank you.

How can I buy a card reading for my girlfriend, boyfriend or just friend?

You can purchase a voucher. Select an amount you want and go through check out. Send the confirmation email to you the person you have in mind. They can book their card reading with us simply by having the email receipt. Thank you.

How long after buying a card reading, can I buy another one?

As soon as. You can book multiple card readings one after the other or you could add the ones you want to the basket for a single check out process. Thank you.

Why are you not giving free card readings?

Because we believe in the law of exchange as well as sacred economics. That which we have more of, we exchange for something that you have more of. Thank you.