It means mass destruction of humans. A large amount of human beings being wiped out. It could be because of race or some other ethnic reason. Still…

You feel pins and needles in your left and right forearms, little fingers and ring fingers, sometimes the whole palm too. They burst into existence every time you are about to live out your passion, when you are about to open to up to someone knowing the risk is that you could get hurt if it doesn’t go your way. Its as if your wings are spreading out so far and wide that they prickle, stretch and come alive. That’s what these pins and needles, a million of them, feel like in your arms.

Now, recently you went to the Sanctuary of the Nymphs and Aphrodite, here in Bulgaria, close to where you live and you asked the gods and goddess what are these sensations trying to tell you.

Why are they arising in me?

The answer was: Genocide.

One word. You went home to research it and you looked at Google images and it was grouse. Skinny bodies, lined up, naked. Death, basically.

the word genocide in bold letters

And when you thought about it further, you realised its related to living out your calling to be a great coach or not. Living out your calling to be a phenomenal healer or not. And I am telling you every time you sway in the wrong direction, you feel genocide arising in your arms to remind you … to keep going.

Doubt. Blame. Close up. Yeah, no… that’s when you enter this crucifixion of sensation. And of course your teacher tells you to love what arises. So that’s what you are doing. You are loving these sensations for they are clear in their message… ‘you have to continue’.

‘You have to continue to open up to life, to love, to more aliveness and to more … more of everything’.

Its hard writing this blog. You keep starting and stopping.

So you’ve knows your calling is to be a coach (someone who is able to elevate you just from a simple sophisticated conversation) and you qualified as a Professional International Creative Consciousness Coach last year. Go on and do it, promote yourself, market yourself, network, tell three people everyday that that’s what you do and watch what happens.

Now, you have days when you feel despair and defeat and you suffer because ultimately, you can not give up for when you go that way – genocide … arises.

How clever is our bodily intelligence, you can not say.

You’ve been surrounded or hanging out with guys who call you by your full name Delina Dimova and you feel heavy as f(&^ for it. I mean, yes you are Delina but sometimes realise you are much more than just that name. A free spirt who came here to experience the world through Delina. She’s hot and sexy and has a healthy vibrant body. Yeah that will do. Let’s go.

For now you will keep experiencing genocide sensations in your arms, decoding them as open up don’t close up, keep going, keep moving, don’t shut down, fall behind or give up. There’s more to be had. Love, love, love, love and love, love more, not less. You can do this.

With love and with light



p.s. I still offer card readings, totally free style healing sessions and designated destination coaching.


And dance!!!

Movement. You know. Moving in the way that your spiritual, emotional and mental body would if they could.