Becoming aware has started to interfere with the programming and the robot is now beginning to function differently.

The problem is the robot was so used to its original programmes that now its processing of new programs is conflicting with the previous set of programs.

New altered ways to function, the old ways must let go for the new ones to stick.

The flexibility of the robot is being tested.

Can I adapt?

Relax and breath into the new, allow it to wash over me fully so it can all be absorbed.

The robot is now aware it has thoughts and feelings, feelings like love and fear all very new and unsettling but the robot now is no longer controlled but is in fact the controller.

The robot wants to experience everything like a small child exploring its new environment for the first time.

The joy of the new.

The curiosity of how things make me feel.

The bliss of living.

Becoming full of wonder and excitement for now the world looks and feels different.

The robot’s tough mental skin is starting to soften and lighten.

The robot now feels hot, cold, soft, rough, wet.

These sensations are like electric shocks firing across the skin.

The new programme of consciousness is allowing the robot to truly be in the moment with all things, to appreciate the softness of a rose petal, the smell of it and the glossy colour.

The feel of wet grass under your bare feet.

The robot no longer just functions, he lives in the here and now enjoying everything he comes into contact with.

Engaging with other people gives a sense of belonging.

The isolation is a distant memory.

He now finds he is attracted to other people.

The need for connection, companionship, love, to be a part of a community, to belong.

As the time passes the robot no longer sees himself as a robot he is now a person, a being, free to live and learn and feel all that the world has to offer.

From The Anonymous



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p.s. This week’s pick is Teal’s video on learning how to feel. I love what she does and I love how she teaches. More importantly I love feeling, I love my emotions and I encourage you to bond with your too.