I am a robot.

Being a robot is a state of mind, by letting all actions be controlled by the mind, the robot thrives.

As the mind will always do what it knows…

the easy and predictable way, the way it’s grown accustomed to.

Alcohol, TV and drugs all fuel the robot.

He will allow you to function

but the function will be no different as it prefers consistency.

Change or new or complicated

is not what the robot wants, it prefers day in and day out.

This will not allow growth or spontaneity

so if you find yourself living in a groundhog day,repeating the same sh** but just a different day

then the robot is in fool flow.

To shake the control off you need change, a break in your routine,

act out of your heart not out of compliance,

do things with awareness of what you do,

shake things up, like… change orders or be random,

give yourself alone time to become aware of the self.

Question yourself.

When you do something, don’t do the first thing that comes to you

attempt to do things differently.

Make yourself non-comfortable as the robot will not like that.

Realise when he is driving you and step back and

acknowledge it and then make a decision based on

a heart feeling or a conscious feeling.

The robot doesn’t want you to feel emotions as emotions are complicated

so recognise this and get complicated.

He likes to be numb

so get yourself into situations where you have to feel as feeling is coming from your heart.

The robot is stiff and not flexible

so become more flexible, use not so easy ways to limber up the stiffness,

to allow the shedding of the robot’s skin.

Be truly happy, cry, shout, be angry, love, feel sad.

All these things will peel the layers of mental skin protecting the robot.

He wants to stay the same forever.

This will prevent growth or the chance for new experiences.

If the robot is in control then you are coasting with no direction or drive

as he wants everything easy but easy is not how we expand.

Successful people are driven and creative, neither of these things are what he wants.

If we were all robots then we would not progress,

we would reach our point of comfort and then give up

but if you were to be run by desire or self love

then growth will be exponential as both desire and love are constantly evolving,

creating more and less and new experiences and new challenges.

To allow for the growth of our being do you find you go no where?

Are you unfit/unhealthy? Overweight?

Are you in a dead end job?

Are you filling your full potential?

Are you dissatisfied with your life?

Do you want more?

This is your chance for a new way to live.

Are you ready? For change.

Become aware of the self and appreciate the robot but don’t let it control your life.

Learn to love the self.

With the being being in control amazing things will happen,

restriction will dissolve and new openings will appear allowing more creativity and expansion.

Thank you.

Love and light



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