First let’s examine what is honesty and how that asset can safe your life.

Honesty is when you admit to yourself and those around exactly what is it that is happening, what is it that you are feeling and doing and being. Being honest with yourself is as important as food for the body.

Sharing opinions and viewpoints is different to being honest with yourself about how you feel, where you at in life and what is actually going on with you at any given moment.

Sometimes opinions can be upsetting or uplifting depending on the perspective and receivers point of view. However, honesty is always take at face value and always accepted for what is since it comes from a place of sincerity and vulnerability.

Honesty is well respected. At work, your honesty can become your advantage especially if you back it up with the authentic self-expression. The way you communicate your honesty can put you in the shoes of a leader.

There are the times when being too honest and sharing the truth of what happened between so and so can be dangerous. I remember one time when i was speaking to my girl friends mum, I ended up telling her more than I should have done, I told her how my girl friend (her daughter) stays at home playing games instead of going to lectures and how her boyfriend takes drugs and parties all weekend. Clearly, it wasn’t my place to say that and I learned my lesson that some things are best left unsaid. I caused a lot of worry to that women. Totally unnecessary to be honest.

Re-focus, honesty with oneself is where its at. No matter how dark the thoughts may be, no matter how damaging a feeling can be, they are happening to you and me at that particular moment and recognising this can give us instant sense of freedom.

Getting in the habit of being honest, makes you stand out, your voice timbre will change and will come from a different place in your chest. People all over the world recognise honesty from miles away. It’s a valuable state of being and it can literally save your life.

No matter what situation you get yourself in, admitting the truth to yourself first and then telling the truth to those involved will set you free.

Recently, i confronted nightmares of mine, acknowledge my feelings towards a specific person and admitted I actually still have feelings for him. This in itself instigated a different set of circumstances where I was given the opportunity to voice out my feeling in front of my partner.

The air was cleared, it was a “down stroke”, grounding and earthy. When you love another, you want to know both the good and the bad and the ugly. It starts with the honesty within your internal world first and I teach how to achieve this state in the playful course. Find out more details here.

First, become honest with your internal state and second become honest with those who care to know. Tell them the truth, set yourself free but first become truthful to yourself.

This is how you will save your life, and the life of someone else. I would love to hear from you, where have you been honest with yourself recently and where are you struggling to see the truth?

Write to me.

Love and light




P.S. In my next post I will talk about the wholesomeness of The Playful Way to Self Love process to transition and I will talk about the benefits of doing the course.

Today though I want to share with you one of my all time favourite excursus and super powerful starting point taught by Teal Swan. Follow this link and feel free to comment back, I would love to know what happens for you.