How are you enough?

This is not the full list of answers because you haven’t given yours yet.

#I am alive. I know I may be handicapped, but I am alive.

#I am here. Here and now, look I cam prove it to you with my flesh, my body.

#I am breathing. I know sometimes I choke as the air struggles to breath into me.

#I am drinking. It may be poison but I an consuming it and that makes me enough.

#I wake. Often I don’t make much of it. I wake, again and again.

#I see. Some of us don’t but they do. I was sat on the train on my way to Berlin airport and a blind man was sat next to me. He navigated his phone perfectly well and as I listened in on his conversation, he spoke quite well. “He sees in a different way” I thought to myself, which brings me to the next answer how I and you are enough?

#We feel. This, we all do. Pass the numbness, pass the oppression and repression. We all feel something, somewhere. Tired.

#I am sound. I am a sound that exists in the WHOLE of this.

#I am enough because I don’t know. 🙂 Aha, yeah, yep… I don’t know and that makes me enough! In “The King’s Speech” movie, he didn’t know how and that he can but he did and voalaa.

This is it, before we go into the doing, having and producing. We Stop and Know our inherent worth, our value is given at the moment we decided to come here. Assume it if you like but that is it.

#I move. 

I almost forgot that because I move I am also enough!

Achievements are possible because you and I are all of the above.

Add your comments, my friends. Let’s expand into the doing and the results. Share with me in the comments below, how are you enough either by adding to this list or by listing your achievements and things you do to make yourself feel enough?

For me… I am enough as I am to write this post and go to salsa dance class and perhaps a wine tasting night.

In the comments below share with us, with me, how are you enough?

With love and light



self-worth is inherent for all of us and we are enough

p.s. Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher that talks about pretty much everything you can think of to do with existance and life. Her video on How do I Discover Self-Worth is worth watching.

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