Cultures vary so much depending on the geographical set up, yet they shape us in the same way which is installing principles and virtues all the same. They upgrade us as soon as we take the time to see everything as a gift. We still have choices and free will though which means we can install and upgrade cultures in return. The geography simply colours or decorates the cultures differently in appearance but inside it is consistent. 

Influences must be recognised for their usefulness and for their purpose or else they will disappear. We need to be influenced by culture and geography or else everything will go tits up and flat and loose its colours. When there is an influence in your field, it can touch you one of two ways. It can empower you if you receive the influences or they can disempower you if you resist them. For example, a girl who lives alone, because her boyfriend has not yet moved in with her, in a small village where the culture is telling her it’s not ok to walk alone  on the streets at night, may feel disempowered by that belief. It may be better for her to  not go out for walks on my own late in the evening, but before it gets dark. In that moment of disempowerment because of the cultural influence she finds herself in, she can go for a walk anyway or she can listen to her emotions and ask the deeper question ‘what do you really want?’. This will turn the focus back on what’s important and in that scenario now the cultural influences had a positive effect. 

I think cultural and geographical influences are always shaping us for the better. I might be making a mistake between cultural and societal influences where society is very much disempowering the individual and culture is empowering. If culture is about art and self expression then the individuals are transformed as the culture re-establishes itself. 

We are already who we are and it is the journey of remembering that gets affected by these influences. Remembering who we are is influenced by cultural and geographical forces in a positive way. It’s an inward journey. Based on your location, you would have more than cultures but they don’t affect you. You are who you are and these things just add to your experience of life. At the end of the day we are all unique expressions of source energy. Every single person on this planet is unique in some way yet we are all made up of the same stuff. We all have pain as our greatest teacher and so all the forces that come in to play simply add to what’s already in us. 

I don’t know, culture, tradition and societal prejudice, beliefs and judgments are all still very much around us and help shape us from when we are young. However, I believe that who we are is one thing and how we are conditioned is another. Yoga for example helps us return to who we are, releasing the influences that shaped us, remaining only the truest most authentic qualities and attributes that we possess. That we are. 

Whatever the influence may be, it shapes us in the same way by programming us through consistent repetition of words. Words carry power and energy and they get repeated over and over again unless we are conscious, awake and aware of our language usage. 

Some languages are richer than others depending on the geography. Some cultures are more vibrant than others, and that’s not dependant on the geography. Yet, conscious use of language can shape you no matter what influences are surrounding you. 

This is my main point for this article. 

Using the same words over and over again, depending on the culture and the geographical influences, we get shaped by that. Some cultures use some words more than others and so we would look and sound different depending on the consistency of the words we hear. 

You can seek to know yourself and when you know yourself, you will be free from cultural and geographical influences or you could choose consciously whatever is affirming or adding to you. 

Choose pro-light and pro-active though. 

Cultural and geographical influences provide barriers that we can bump up against. Barriers are either a gift to embrace or a curse to resist. The conscious choice we make shape who we are and so it is important to remember the power of your free will. 

That power can not be taken away from you, so choose wisely. 

Wisely means choose with your heart. Let love lead the way, always. 

I will leave you with that for now and ask you to write to me if there is a topic you would want me to write about. 

Much love and light.