It’s not easy, it’s simple.

Check it, this is a tweet that I love and agree and as you can see it has hundreds of thousands of likes so that says something like: it’s true for many of us.


How to love yourself?

Where do we go from here may I ask?

Take this: “What would someone who loves themselves do?” 

I found this question from Teal Swan who is a spiritual catalyst teaching about the shadow aspect of ourselves and the light being self-love. She always talks about asking this question when you are in doubt about what you should do.

It works miracles.

The only thing I will add is: self-expression. After finding the bottom, realising your self-love
= you being God, you start the journey upwards and so every step you take is an expression of you, coming from a place of self-love.

Authenticity and transparency are two words that describe me well so I focus primarily on discussing and expressing myself in all that I do through out my life since I dug deep enough to find my self-love.

Another major stop is: forgiveness.

Learn to forgive yourself and others, this will free you up from any negativity. Forgiveness can be found in the heart and also love resides in the heart too.

Transformation happens when we find forgiveness so here is a meditation that is highly recommended to start you practice with it. 

The playful way to self-love is a six week self-study course that you can take and explore the inner reals of your being by following a six step process. 

Finally, how do you love yourself?

One of the pioneers in loving yourself is Louise L Hay, she talks about affirmations because our thoughts create our reality.

Another amazing teacher, Matt Khan, teaching to love what arises and he focuses on old spiritual paradigm and new spiritual paradigm and then real life super radical methods that can literally lift you up and into a place of self-love in just a second. Highly recommend him. 

What is it to love yourself? It’s not some sexual, sick connotation of masturbation or playing with yourself, becoming selfish or self-absorbed. No.

Loving yourself is being kind to yourself and others in all respect relative to life such as the food you eat, the water you drink, the words you speak, the thoughts you hold on to, the actions you take and so on. 

Loving yourself is easily achieved if you work with a Heart coach, an Empath coach or a Consciousness coach. These type of coaches are heart centred and their being is already in self-love frequency which means they can drive you to the same spot. 

Some of us prefer to go this alone, some us may well desire to have someone hold our hand. Either way is fine so please do go ahead and read how to find the best coach.

Final point to make… loving yourself is a life long practice, it’s not an end destination or a way out of this. No. It’s a path that once you take on it, you are guaranteed to enjoy life and to see heaven on Earth. 

Be respectful to your shadow though because stepping on the path is not enough, you have to integrate your whole self into one wholesome YOU. Including your shadow aspects.

That said, please read more about the shadow ways in the Keep The Head Up. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to hit reply or leave a comment.

With love and with light