How do you recognize the mission of your life?

First of all, the one and only mission of everyone’s life is to love. Love themselves and others and all sentient beings.  

Second of all, the mission of your life will change as you enter the various stages of your development. For example, the mission of a women above and beyond 50 years old is to go within and love her aging body, raging hormones and the very important stage of menopause. If you are a woman or a man who’s just got out of the 20’s then your mission to realize you are in the Full Moon phase of your life. Everything is illuminating, therefore you ought to surrender to the flow of life fully.  

Thirdly, the recognition of your mission at any given stage in your development will be clearly announced through the physical body. If you are 30+ then your body is in its prime condition and it will ask you for you know what and that would be your mission. How you go about fulfilling your mission depends entirely on the kind of soul you are. I know, each every one of us is unique so we will have unique needs and ways to go about meeting those.  


No matter what, let’s go back to the beginning. Your one and only mission is to love. What I mean by that is loving your emotions and accepting your circumstances and being honest about your feelings. We are not taught how to love, okay, so be kind to yourself along the way. We literally, have to be kids in adults’ bodies, learning at school, what does it mean to love. For the sake of this article I am going to describe the two ways that I know, that I have been practicing and that I have seen bring results to me.  

First way is to take something as part of yourself and therefore you must try to understand it. For instance, my boyfriend is seemingly a separate person to me but if I was to love him, I would take him as part of myself and I would spend time trying to understand him and where he is coming from. I will seek to understand his feelings and to communicate in a way that he gets me. I will be creating a connection because I will be attuning to him. This connection is the love that he will feel from me. However, if I have not taken the time to understand myself, my own feelings and emotions. And if I have not come clear on what am I trying to say, then I cannot connect to my boyfriend. He won’t feel the connection between us and therefore he will not feel the love.  

Second way is to love whatever arises in you and when you become fully relaxed in your own company, you would be fully relaxed around anybody else in the society. This signals to the nervous systems of others and yourself that love has arrived and we can all relax. Others will feel loved because you have loved in yourself the very thing that arises in all. For instance, I am triggered by the cats in the house and how much food they want to eat. I am feeling frustrated and annoyed and this is precisely what’s arising. Instead of trying to understand it, I would open up a dialogue within myself with frustration and annoyance and I would be honest in telling them how no matter what they’ve done nothing wrong. I would tell these emotions that they are welcomed in me, that I see them, they are valid and I will show them respect for choosing me to arise in. I will love whatever arises in me until it lets go of me. For example, this loving what arises can take time and it can spread out over days or longer. In that time, I would meet people and get on with life but each time an emotion gets me, I know this is our time to love and starts with honesty, acceptance and appreciation. I’ve noticed when I practice loving in this way, then I am naturally kinder to others and so they feel the love because I have given it to myself. The focus is on my internal world and that naturally ripples out to others in the external world.  


Let’s see, today I have a pain in the neck. It arose this morning when I was just snoozing in bed and now, I feel it whenever I move.  it’s quite painful but it is what has arisen for me to day and so I can try to understand where it might have come from or I can have compassion for myself for experiencing this pain.  


Okay, back to the recognition of the mission of your life.  

The second point I made was that each stage of our development will present a new mission despite love. What I mean by that is in order to recognize the mission of your life, you must be paying attention to your mind, body, heart and soul. You must acknowledge yourself for the things you are going through. This is not about some grand ‘save the world’ mission. This is about a smaller ‘save yourself’ mission. If you end the suffering within yourself, you will end it within the world. If you eradicate the war between yourself and yourself, you will bring world peace into existence. If you make sure there is no conflict between your mind and your heart, then you will ensure the world is resolute of conflict too. I know this easier said than done. I know. Okay. Take children for example, they are either one or the other. Later on, as we get conditioned, we also become split. This is no one’s fault but it certainly becomes our greatest mission to put ourselves back together. To integrate and to assimilate or to digest what’s what. The things that arise in your life could be on any one level and they can be quite good at hiding but the more you practice the easier it gets to notice. In the next article I will talk about the signs that we can look out for in order to recognize our mission. And in the article after that I am going to talk about how to recognize the people who have been sent on your way to help you actualize your mission.  

Now ask yourself: what stage of my development am I in? What phase of my life is this? How old am I? What have I been told I should do at this age and does that resonate? If no, then what does? If you already know, then go for it no matter what. I, for one, will support you and I will be your cheerleader.  

Finally, let me talk a little bit about the physical body and why it is the signifier or the bringer of the mission. Let’s say, you have been diagnosed with cancer. This is a tough pill to swallow however, this is the body talking and your job is to recognize that your mission now is to love the you that is entering a new condition. Your purpose is to understand not the cancer itself but the difficult emotions that it brings up in you and those around you. May be the family members are now experiencing denial and anger and they are grieving while you are still alive.  But let’s say your body is healthy and active, it’s young and open for life. Now, the mission is to expand potential of your capabilities. You see, your physical body speaks to you and if you listen, you will hear the mission at hand. And there is no right or wrong mission. We are all here to do, what we are all here to do.  

Your physical body is an intelligent collection of systems that work together in harmony or not. For you to recognize your mission, you must be willing to tune into your body. Get inside your body and speak with it. Are you willing to do that?  

We always have everything we need, right here and right now. Communicating with ourselves is how to recognize your mission. I trust that courage will accompany you. I respect your power and I bless you with light, with awareness.  

If you have any questions, please let me know.  

With love and with light.