I woke up thinking of you, your skin, dark, soft, defined muscles and tenderness spreading all over your body like aroma of roses.

The skin is representative of the human personality, it is also the largest organ of the body and it is covered in moles, scars, bruises, birth marks, burns, cuts, all representative of the human being existing in a world full of challenges.

It’s a play, sometimes when you were a child and you played you got hurt and that left a mark. The skin carries all the memories and all the experiences since child birth. It’s the one organ that can not be fully replaced.

The human personality… what do you know about it and besides I drifted away from the point I was making.

How much I want your S K I N?

Let me touch it, kiss it, look at it from up close, be intimate with tiny parts of your arms and the skin that covers those soft areas, or the groin lines.

Tweetable: Smell your skin, lick it… know it, for it is you!

Scratch it!!! Is it easy marked or not? It is I think… look, I left my nails on your chest.

I desire the colour of your skin to rub with mine, to watch it while it’s happening and to be non-distracted, non-compressed but Expansive and Aroused.

Ive been thinking… Why can all men, wake up and learn how to love a women. Femininity will save the world, we are hear to heal and stand together. Play… if only you knew how to play without violating boundaries and breaking promises.

Yes, it is my mission to teach you the playful way to self-love for you will treat me the same as you will treat yourself should you develop your self-love practice.

Think about it, let’s talk about it.

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With love and with light



Delina's face photographed including the shoulders which are S K I N naked



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p.s.s. Next two posts that I am writing are for two awesome websites and I am going to be their guest. One is about Empath Coaching and the other one is about Marketing Yourself As An Empath Coach – Key Factors!


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