I’ve arrived here in Costa Rica, on the East coast also called the Caribbean coast. Looking for inspiration – I was not. It came to me that these three months while I am here, I am going to learn how to be kinder to myself and I am taking you with me on that journey.

This is in honour of the playful way to self-love. Step one: responsiveness.

Responsiveness is a trait of our hearts. I know there are three levels to look at this: mind, body and digital. It starts with our hearts and it goes out to these three levels.


Sincerely liking something about another or in yourself will soften our hearts. We can always find mething to like. Let’s look at it this way, we LIKE posts on Facebook a lot.

I will learn how to be kinder to myself using Matt Kahn’s teaching – YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. I will explain. We sometimes act in beyond the ordinary ways and we don’t know how to like that about ourselves.

My recent research with 29 women showed that our body image (including emotional, physical and mental) needs us to be kinder to ourselves in order to feel good about our body image.

If compliments and admirations soften our hearts, I say we need more of that, not less.

I totally freaked out last night, when I saw a huge frog in our communal bathroom. One of the dogs came to rescue me, started poking this frog and next thing I know the dog was foaming at the mouth. I screamed.

My first attempt at complimenting myself goes like this:

“We don’t want no unpleasant stuff happening, we want a little bit of cuteness here and there, some adoration for how well your screamed. I mean you did that right. Right. You screamed, that alarmed the dog, all resolved itself well. You did it right. No hateful stuff, only charming words of admiration. Life goes on.”

It does feel better when I say this to myself.

In any case, whatever is happening in your life, whether you are struggling with ill body, longing to meet a free spirited women or man, looking for confirmation of the benefits of the services you once provided or still provide, whatever it may be, ok – take a moment to ask what compliment would you like to hear someone tell you. Open dictionary to look at synonyms and antonyms of that word. Offer this compliment to yourself.

I am learning how to be kinder to myself this month, next month and the month after that and I wanna take you with me on this journey. I want to offer the same to you. Via Skype call or pernalised message. Email me back and know all messages are private. It will be an honour for me.