First of all, beautiful is an ending comment a multi-business owner says and I will talk about how to change that “beautiful” to “useful” in one day.

Second of all, the major distinction is to realise and remember the good old saying:

women half face with a small rose by the eye and the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder

When you haven’t said “beautiful” today, please consider why. If the answers flood into your mind then there is a need for self-love and care that once met will get you to say “beautiful” everyday and bring you joy in doing so.

Everyone loves a compliment.

So how do I shift from beautiful to useful in one day?

The minute you start spreading the love by giving compliments like “beautiful” this and “beautiful” that, you will be seen as useful since you now carry the light vibes with you.

People get curious what is that which you called “beautiful”. They instantly want to know more, who are you saying it to and what is it that you call “beautiful”.

Getting curiosity by simply giving a compliment is useful to you, the person receiving it and the world at large. This simple word can raise the vibration and if you want to know more about How to Raise You Vibration please watch Teal Swan’s Video, here.

I am more concerned if you have stopped giving compliments out then that is a slightly worrying sign since when I feel “beautiful” I say “you are beautiful” to others and in doing so I feel alive.

If you don’t feel so alive then you will need to look into the Playful Way to Self-Love as a six weeks crash course on how to get the feeling alive back on.

Please read more about the course here.

For everyone who does say “beautiful” to others and to things, well done that’s awesome. However, check in with yourself to see if you believe in yourself to be the holder of that beauty too.

Remind yourself that you are the beauty and it is reflected in the eyes or the object of that which you call “beautiful”.

If you find yourself stressed and disagreeing with this distinction then there is something blocking your flow and your joy. Now, I know we can not be joyful all the time but we can always find the beauty, even in the darkest hours.

For one day, I can change from beautiful to useful by simply saying it to someone or something.

Try it.

You are beautiful!

Love and light