How to discover or admit which are the things that make my life crap and frustrating.

A very brave and bold question that is just right for addressing frustrating feelings and emotions. The ultimate answer is always love but let’s dive in and see what I have in store.

When we want to uncover some of the deeper feelings or emotions and what caused them, we are basically willing to step into truth and truth is not always pretty. It’s annoying when life feels like crap. It’s frustrating when we have the best intentions and they fail at bringing the best results. There is so much information about personal development and self-help but I am going to share my findings. This is literally, me bearing my soul to you, because I am just going to speak straight. How to discover or admit which are the things that make life frustrating…

Well… this may sound way too simple but you basically take a look at all the boys or girls you had a sexual encounter with. In other words, you remember them from memory. You will soon see or feel the crap and frustration because we don’t really know how to be in a relationship with each other that is rooted in unconditional love. On the other hand, we know how to ask for things and how to give things because we think they want it and it’s all a big mess. Nevertheless, please know, you did nothing wrong, because if you knew how to act differently, you would have. So, that’s why we forgive. We forgive ourselves and then others and because this is done in the heart, not in the mind, it takes time but when it happens, it opens up space for more love and desire and inspiration to pour in.

In addition, if you have difficulty admitting things, obviously admitting you have difficulty admitting makes you someone who doesn’t have a difficulty admitting, doesn’t it. For example, if you don’t know how to admit to something, if you can’t say it out loud to yourself, if you can’t write it down in your diary, if you are choking in your throat and words don’t come out, then you can call on the light to do it for you. You could use the following:

I accept and admit that I don’t know how to say things, confess things and so I call upon the light of the universe to work through me and confess on my behalf.


I call upon the will of the divine to work through me and admit on my behalf.

To clarify, there is a you who is struggling with admitting things and that you deserves more love. You would  command your higher power or higher self to do the admitting for you using the formula i just gave you. Another option would be, to put a hand on your heart and say ‘i love you’. Bring love back, all day, every day and watch your life evolve for the better. It will always evolve for the better but letting love lead the way is a great choice.

Furthermore, to discover something, no matter what, it takes time, it takes willingness. Okay. like, you have to sit with yourself, ask questions and listen for the answers. It’s not easy, it will be hard and you would rather do something else but then life will continue to be crap and frustrating. Over time, it gets easier. Discovering what you are looking for is a nice feeling. For example, a relief. So discovering is a feeling, discovering something leads to more feeling. And we basically came here to feel. Feel it all and blame no one. It kind sucks but this is it. Some of the greatest people I know, never stop discovering stuff and then sharing them with us. It’s a life long relationship. And again, it may be difficult and you may not know what is the right question to ask or you may not hear any answers so it’s always a good idea, to call on the light, call on the will of the divine, to do it for you and through you. And then there is the notion that you shouldn’t stay too long in those seeking, searching places, states, cos you will get lost. You will get lost in perceiving, catching something, nothing bla bla bla. It’s better to be focused when you go into discovery time. You go in, find what you’re looking for and come back, ground, drink water, hug trees, meet friends and hug them too, shake, dance and speak out loud about the food you are going to cook.

A few other things you could try, for example.

  • Connect you to the inner child and it is innocent enough to say it how it is so if you want you can try these.You can ask ‘who am I meant to discover here that makes life crappy?’ and use your non-dominant hand to write down the answer.
  • You can start a dialogue with the things you are looking for, simply by telling them that they are safe to come out, to reveal themselves. You will love them the same and you will approve of them the same. You are just curious now to know and become aware. Be nice. Otherwise, you won’t find anything. These things you wish to discover will lit up as soon as you approach them with love and gentle curiosity. Also with respect. Hey, you are someone who has seen life as crappy and gets frustrating on a daily basis. This deserves some respect or else, nothing will change and nothing will budge.
  • Enter on purpose time for them. This is a time that you will go into discovering what these things are and you will be deliberate, you will be on purpose and you will ensure there are no distractions. No phone ringing, no friends or parents interrupting. Just you and these things you wish to admit.
  • Invite them. If you are wondering how to discover which are the things that make your life crappy and frustrating, then turn to them, invite them to speak up and to give you a sign, tell them that you will listen or you will be open to the signs. Say: I invite you to show up, who are you in me that makes my life unsatisfactory.
  • At the end of the day, if you don’t know this already, or maybe you have forgotten, after all, everything is light. So it is the light dressed up as frustrating feelings and emotions, only so that you can call it out as frustration and you identify it as the light masquerading as frustration and you choose to relax. This will instantly remind you and these negative emotions that all is the light, the light I am. The point is to identify exactly how you feel and name it. Call it by the word that you feel most resonance and then smile, calling it Source energy dressed up as that feeling. If you don’t call it the light, it will stay until you do. Because we are all one and we are all made up of the same stuff.
  • Ask the feelings how you can serve them. Ask crappy-ness ‘how may I serve you? What do you need from me in order for you to let go? Yes, I want to get rid of you, it’s not happening so let me see what you need and then when I give it to you, maybe you will go.’ This kind of honest talk with your emotions and feelings will absolutely bring resolve to the situation. This is something only the heart can do and love lives in the heart and love conquers all.
  • Frustration is usually as a result of something. Something perhaps you don’t know what that something is. So try to identify with the you, that already knows the cause of the frustrating feelings and you should receive some relief. Relaxed and chilled states is when we can discover the answers for all of our questions, that’s when you access information, when you are relaxed. But also, the one who doesn’t know needs approval and validation and acceptance. You can express your acceptance to any part of yourself by saying ‘it’s ok’. ‘Its ok you don’t know’. This way you surrender to not knowing, because otherwise, you will create resistance and what you resist, it persists. You give your power away to the things that you resists the most and you feed them your vital life force energy instead of using it for your joy and happiness.
  • So the question is ‘why do you want to know which are the things that cause your life to be frustrating?’ and the answer is ‘i admit i don’t want to feel this way any longer, i allow you to pass’. When you say that you allow these emotions to pass when they arise, you are ensuring that your energy field is staying clean instead of clogged up. Oftentimes, our energy field is just filled up with shit that we don’t even know about and then we wonder why we feel so crappy. When we allow things to pass, they are given permission to move on and return to Source, instead of staying in our energy field waiting for our recognition. You can explain to these feelings that your job is different now and you can not keep them anymore, you can tell them that your job now is to ‘allow, release and let go’. You can remind your energy field that it has the permission to be open and resolved by saying ‘I allow my energy field to be open and resolved’. Some other states you want to remind your energy field of are: pure, joyful, inspired, in-light, grateful. And you can do that permission with your heart, your body, your mind and your chakras.
  • You could ask your genitals, back and front, your penis or your vagina and your anus, because they hold a lot of wisdom too. They are often neglected and so they house a lot of these negative emotions but if you ask them ‘hey, why do you think i am finding it difficult to admit…’ they will speak up.

I basically found out by working hard and getting to know myself and about myself, which often led to my exes, or the men and the women with whom i was intimate and close. They are the connection to the things that happened in our life that now end up making life crap or frustrating. With no one to blame, I wrote lists with who they are, why I liked them and I discovered the things that are missing from my life now and as a result I feel crap and frustrated. It’s when the good emotions are not around that the bad emotions surface up.

As my teacher says, you can turn your back on Divinity and your individual character is how Divinity dresses up, so you can’t judge or blame yourself. I recommend you watching the YouTube video Embracing Your Humanity because it highlights how accepting all of our feelings, frees us and uplifts us.

So these are my suggestions and my experience. Feel free to comment or write back and I am happy to help.

May you be blessed with light.

In gratitude.



p.s. i dont blame any of my previous loves for anything. i am grateful to all of them because I learn some stuff and I grew up from it. I affirm that it is the end of connecting with my exes that caused my life to feel crap or to have sensations that are disturbing. so this is my experience and i hope it serves you well in finding out those things +exes+ and blessing them with your unconditional love. from a distance. at your own pace and from your heart.


i love you


Delina in PJs smiling saying I love you.