Do you know the days when things just aren’t working? The times when tears bubble in your eyes from something so little and insignificant that you fill up with rage “why am I feeling this emotional?”. The times when you choose to ignore everything and go into auto-being. Getting on with the day without actively being in it just to avoid the pain or the “wraaaaaaaah” sound inside your tummy.

How can I feel like crying at the smallest thing that doesn’t go the way I wish it to go. This is silly but it happens and I get angry why I am feeling so sad when in reality all is well really.

How to get over the emotions that bubble up for no apparent reason is to

1. realise the question why has no answer and it creates digging down and under sensation, as if finding the answer to why is going to get rid of the emotion. No, it’s not.


2. the repetitiveness of asking questions can become your way of being and then you will always be asking questions directed towards others and yourself and never actually speaking or answering these questions or allowing free space to see what comes up as answers rather than the next question and the next question. I will call this ‘question starvation’ done in a conscious way.


You can also watch Teal Swan’s video on How to Express Your Emotions. 

You can also consider this:

Colourful quote she turned her cants into cans and her dreams into plans

Anything you do has to make you feel good even if it pains you at the time of doing it. Emotions can be painful and they are sometimes unjustified but turn the ‘I cant deal with this’ to ‘I can deal with this like this… if I am feeling this emotion right now then I was meant to be feeling it.’ SNAP.

Look up and around, keep it real and remember you are only human, floating around in life so sometimes it hurts and sometimes it’s bliss. 

Know that we all go through this, every single one of us, so the deal is to learn how to manoeuvre in and around the emotional painful moments and I am going to talk about that next time so keep an eye out tomorrow.

Right now, take away

1. the realisation that the question ‘why’ creates restriction and judgement. Let me know what works for you in replacement of the ‘why’.

And take away

2. the questioning behaviour can be hurtful and non-stop so see if you can give yourself ‘’no questions’ hours, days, weeks.

In the comments bellow let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback and find out how I can serve you here.

I hope you have found something useful here and I look forward to writing some more on painful emotions and how to get over them tomorrow.

With love and with light