Let’s begin with describing what is emotional clutter or in other words emotional possessions. This clarification of what it means to have emotional possessions will serve you in identifying what you need to get rid of.

As the new season is approaching, it is time to spring clean all three layers of most common possessions: physically, emotionally and intellectually. Last week, we look at ‘mental’ and ‘menthol’ possessions this week we will look at emotional ones.

Get rid of emotional possessions for Spring Season beginning 20th March ends 19th June 2016

This aims to be an extensive list of emotional possessions, however the art of being human is infinite. Consider learning more about the science of psychology and the art of being human as it will add ease to your being here, in this life time.

An extensive list of emotional possessions that can clutter your space:

  • hurts, wounds, feelings
  • ‘highs’ and ‘lows’
  • going for ‘perfection’ instead of having it
  • people and friends that drain (especially toxic people)
  • indecisiveness
  • drama
  • the answer ‘no’ or saying ‘no’
  • repeating something again and again
  • match-making (comparing)
  • ignorance and avoidance
  • limiting beliefs and thoughts
  • jealousy, blame,
  • attachments and allowances
  • approval and permission
  • denial, betrayal, dismissing,
  • unresolved anger, pain, distrust,
  • guilt and resentment
  • sadness, disdain and numbness
  • boredom, lack of excitement, lack of direction,
  • soaking, complaining, moaning,
  • opinionating, arguing, agreeing all the time,
  • oppressing and suppressing
  • looking for ‘make sense’
  • longevity and ‘forever’

Each and everyone of us has our own reasons to keep or to let go of emotional clutter. Reasoning in itself can become a possession that clutter the pathways between the intellect and the emotions. So, mostly you want to learn how to let go of any clutter and make that knowing a habit.

The simplest way to learn how to let go of emotional clutter is to:

#1: Acknowledge it

#2: Let it go

#3: Decide something to move forward

To best demonstrate how these three tools can serve you, let’s follow the example of a relationship break-up. Any break-up is not a pleasant experience and it creates emotional clutter.

“I acknowledge I am hurting after separating from my boyfriend, I let go of this hurt because it is not serving me right now and I decide to use the emotions as a reminder to focus on my work, think positive and check what my desire is saying.”

Self-Acknowledgement is super beneficial if you are a very busy person for it will bring you back to gratitude immediately. It’s a skill worth having for it  identifies what is and then you are in a position of choosing to either attach or detach.

Letting go is done by simply letting go. You can think of dropping the thing you hold onto or leaving it if you can’t change it.

Finally, deciding on something to move forward is the step to put one foot in front of the other and really decide in which direction are you going. Knowing what you are doing is always beneficial and it can create the sense of freedom.

Emotional clutter is not needed. Acknowledge it, let it go and decide to follow your desire.

Let go of emotional possessions and Do more of what makes you happy.

The next step from here is to decide what you want and need, to tune into your desires and inner most lovable voice that will speak of your authentic truth. Identifying your emotional clutter, learning how to get rid of it using the three tools and choosing to go in the direction of your joy and desire.

Decide to fill up your space with new things that serve you and work hard for you. Tune into your desire, read or research about things that are worth incorporating into your daily routine. Ask yourself the questions: “What do I want and need?”. Then go in the direction of getting those things.

The video from Teal Swan, the spiritual catalyst, is useful in that it teaches you all about desire. She has helped millions of people find answers and find contrast so please feel free to explore further her video.

Releasing emotional possession will free up space and prepare you to welcome the new season with fresh mind, heart and spirit. The new season is one symbolic of blossoming and that  is beautiful.

With love and with light