Stress is a common dis-ease these days that you can resolve by acting on these simple guidelines.

Practice 1: Emotional Vipassana – silent mindful meditation. You sit in silence and you become observant of what’s arising, noting what’s going on. Returning to your body and focusing on your breath will bring calm.

Practice 2: Stillness – if you try and do nothing for three seconds you will return to your natural state of being which is always in line with love and light.

Practice 3: Home Yoga Practice – endless benefits of practising yoga go a long way but having your own home yoga practice is going to take you all the way… to no stress land. At home, you can make noises, you can pause, you can break the rules, you can do whatever you like and that will steer your focus away from the things that are otherwise stressing you out.

This body, this mind, this heart and this life needs you to take good care of you. Endless shades of your soul’s essence are waiting to be given permission to enter your body, your being. Stress is nothing but a call for attention and a red flag to breath deeper, breath slower. There is numerous amount of research done on stress so there really is no excuse or reason why we should continue

In this little video I say exactly the same as what I am saying here plus a small INSIGHT at the end. 

Please feel free to write to me or any other stress-related practitioner that you know and ask for help, guidance and assistance. You don’t have to go through this alone. With all my heart and soulful blessings. May you be blessed and until such time.




Pura Vida.




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