How to love myself despite not loving myself


When you play around with the statement that you are both the light and the dark at the same time. When you say out loud: I am the one that loves myself and I am the one that doesn’t love myself at the same time. When you make it ok to be both the not loving you and the loving you. 




You can begin 


It starts with an affirmation. 


The power of affirming something is next to nothing. 


Words are energy, money is energy. 


Shocking yourself by stating: I am the queen and I am the servant at the same time. Or: I am the wrong one and I am the saint at the same time. 


The one that is not loving you, is you. You can identify with that part of you on purpose and see what happens. 


It’s because we make it wrong that we don’t love ourselves that it perpetuates. 


Affirm yourself as I AM. 


I am immortal and I am dying. 


I am abundant and I am poor. 


I am loving and I am not loving. 


If you play around with this shift of perspective for a while, and if you return to this exercise again and again… you will most likely laugh. You will see how funny words can be. 


To take the next level, you would look for evidence why you love yourself and why you do not love yourself. Write them out. It’s like the pro’s and con’s. You can give me that list if you like and you will see that it will lose its intensity because now it’s not a secret in your own head, it’s been shared and so it has become OURS. 


This is the power of unity consciousness or creative consciousness. First we use the power of the word and second we tap into the power of unity. 


I am right, and we are right. 


This is my pain, becomes this is our pain. 


One of my go to mantras is: 


All that I am, we are. All that we are, I am. 


The veil is gone my friends and the earth is ascending whether we are facing head on or with our bums up. My advice would be to tend to your heart. Turn to the great bright being that lives inside your chest and ask it: What makes you unhappy? What do you need me to do differently?


Beginning this connection process with your heart will change your life. It changed my life and I am receiving benefits because of it. 


Now I want to celebrate the many many of us who in one way or another are tapping into the creative being inside and expressing our genius in whatever way, shape or form feels right. 


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p.s. I would like to highlight the influencers in my life. Matt Kahn, Teal Swan and Ralph Smart. I would also like to shout Yoga with Adrienne here because this has changed my physical body and my mental body relationship, which in turn has allowed me to receive the benefits from my journey.