I just want to write here, continue on from last post when I spoke about the overcoming of emotions especially when it seems like life is beating us down.

I spoke of 1. the realisation around the question ‘why’ and 2. the ‘no questions’ hours or days for those of us who tend to question, over analyse and be in our heads rather than feelings and bodies.

So today I am continuing the topic and diving deeper into the motional side. I think we have all been told not to feel and not to give in to our emotions but actually that’s wrong. 

Emotions and feelings have a great purpose here and they form one of the bodies that we all have besides the physical. So if the notion of having an emotional body is true then how can we go on ignoring our emotions and feelings.

We cant.

We shouldn’t

We are a feeling based creatures because we have a brain called the amygdala where emotions and feelings are processed.

So how to manoeuvre in and around emotional moments is by keeping it real, acknowledge they are happening to you right in that moment, let them come up as they come up, don’t try and change them or stop them. 

let them be BUT

look up, look around, breath in a couple of times. if there is someone next to you, tune into what they are saying cos they are probably talking or asking you something. This will take away your attention.

If the emotions surface up when you are on your own then you have got to ask them ‘what do you want me to know right now?’ and accept that, make it so its ok. Be gentle and say ‘ok I understand, what are you going to do about it?’. May be you are not ready for action however taking a direction is where it’s at.

Get this: your emotions are true to you in that moment

Red sign saying keep it simple, keep it joyful, keep it real

Instant movement inside an emotional moment is created by hearing what that emotion has to say, suck it up and doing something about it. Bear in mind that just the willingness to hear the emotion’s message is enough of an action.

Note: do not forget you are not your emotions, they are part of you but not you! 

If you want to learn a deeper process for more traumatic and deep seated emotions please follow the Feeling Process as taught by Teal Swan here.

Please let me know how you get on or if you want to talk with me book a FREE call and I would love to be here for you!

Lots of love