Heavier external influences come to everybody, it’s just that some of us are more sensitive than others and some of us are more willing to do something about it. When you first notice the arrival of heavy, you must affirm that it is also part of source energy. Next is the power of the breath where you are asked to remember to just breath in on purpose and deliberately. Finally, you must focus on whatever it is that brings you in alignment with your higher purpose. In other words, you affirm that heaviness is also light in form, you breath deep and consciously, and then you go within.  

Now, what else can you do?  

Well, you can spend time looking at frequency paintings that bring up renewal and vitality. You basically entrain with a higher frequency and by staying in the moment, staying in your body, you will see that heavier influences will leave you.  

You can always reach out for guided meditations, pranayama breathing techniques and a card reading or a session with a healer. You can try yoga with Adrienne and in particular the practices that are for respect, replenishment, renewal, reset, detox, revitalize and energize.  

Because what are we doing… we go within so as to cultivate more light. What this means is that we spend time loving our own hearts so that we can grow our energy field. This does not mean that heavier energies will stop coming to you but it means that you will recover at the speed of light and you will learn whatever you are meant to receive from the heaviness much easier. The idea is to keep you away from fighting okay. This is not a good time to be in conflict with yourself or the external world. We stand for world peace or we be silent. When we speak of protecting from something, we usually bring out the very thing that will attack us and so we must protect and this creates a circle that is broken when we focus on cultivating more love and light and innocence within ourselves.  

One way we can do this nurturing of light within us is to announce all the things that are working well in your life. This is the true calling of a lightworker. We go around announcing and radiating the wellbeing that we feel inside. We purposefully look for things that we can be appreciative of and grateful for. We actually take the time to ask how all is well and how is this seemingly bad thing a good thing. This is a very simple but powerful training if you want to be a luminary. Somebody who brings light and love into your world. They are, we are, I am, a chose one, I am one of them illuminating creature on this plant and what I do is I spend time listing out the things that annoy me and then I also figure out how that is useful.  

It’s not that we are going fight against the heavier external influences so as to preserve and protect our energetics, we are fighting for the kindness and the gentleness that lives in our hearts and that we want to protect this softness by giving it our attention and making it grow. This is very different from being on the lookout for heaviness to arrive. Expecting and anticipating. You know the ego lives in the anticipation of something or the regret of not having done something else or even the simple worry about whatever keeps our egos alive. It’s really quite beautiful when you get to know this but still, we have life to live and cherish which means we must stay in alignment with our inner eco system.  

So, we affirm that everything including heavier energies are the cosmic light dressed up in heaviness and then we breath in and out a few times and then we go within. I want to point out that anxiety arises when we are unclear about our truth and we are afraid of what we are thinking but in reality, you and I are not our thoughts. Okay. We are multidimensional beings experiencing the human body for a short period of time. I’ve have learned to never be afraid of the dark thoughts that come to me and I must pay honours to a special man in my life who told me once during a playfight and when I got really nasty and mean he said to me: ‘when you reach for darkness, darkness you shell get, but it is just that’. Hearing him say that made me realize that I chose to reach for nasty and I got nasty but I could have chosen to reach for forgiveness and I would have gotten forgiveness. You see.  

If you let yourself feel heaviness, you will see it takes around 11 seconds before it loses grip on you. I heard this from my beautiful and favourite teacher Matt Kahn a couple of years ago. Feeling is the most spiritual practice that you can do every single day. I mean, at the end of the day we do yoga so that we can feel something, feel the love let’s say, or we go to the gym so that we can feel something like a empowerment. Sometimes when you have mastered your own energetics you will see that feeling heavier external influences is a joy in and of itself. Yes, this is advanced level but I am not far from it which is why I am mentioning it here.  

Nature is always a good one. Hugging trees or calling a friend or journaling are all excellent ways to protect yourself from heavier energies.  

Another approach is to figure out why are you afraid of them, what’s the worst that can happen. Ask why again and again, ask yourself about the worst-case scenario again and again. If you can accept it, if you can admit it, if you can be honest about it, then boom. Voila, you are definitely one step closer to being immune. But this takes time and it takes writing and it takes sitting and feeling or looking for the answers and most of the time this is called shadow work. 😊 

I do this all the time and I have done this for seven years and I assure you everything does change and it changes YOU for the better.  

Here’s what I say when I feel heavy energies coming around or when something just comes over me and I am not sharp and I am not feeling it, not feeling alive or even just life seems to be dimmed down. I say: yeah, you are the light too, and I am the light, the light I am.’ I swear to god, instantly shifts occur and I need nothing else but to remember to suggest that all is the light. I don’t need to know what it was or where it came from or even if it has one completely. In the moments when these clouds come over me, I have no idea what to do because even my mind (where all the practices or life missions are stored) is blanked out. This usually goes on for a bit of time but I very quickly these days remember to call it the light and I simply say over and over again: ‘this is the light, yeah, you are also the light and I see you for what you are.’ It goes away from my field I swear. I also affirm  

I am the light, the light I am 

Heaviness comes to me because my heart is sensitive and I feel it, I feel the heaviness and that is what it wants. When I say to the energies ‘I allow you to pass and to return to the light of your own heart’ or ‘I allow you to pass and return back to source’ I am liberating this distorted energy and I am empowered, it is empowered and life becomes better through the law of oneness. You must remember that your ability to be sensitive, to be emotional, to be annoyed even is the very thing that these energies are looking for. They want an emotional heart to set them free by calling them out and telling them where to go.  

Asking these heavy weights ‘how can I serve you?’ or ‘What do you need?’ is also directly addressing them so as to bring about liberation and relief for yourself, for them and for all. If you can’t ask these two questions then you just can’t ask them at this time and that’s that. Always, turn toward your heart and ask it ‘what do you need?’. You may not get an answer but stay with your heart and breath deep. If you hear the needs of your inner being then it is your duty to go have it. 😀 

Again, I am here for your questions and requests or topics. Please email me if you would like to talk about card readings, healing sessions and dreams coming true.