How to recognize who’s going to help us actualize our life’s mission. The people. Part three. 

The people who are going to help us actualize our life’s mission are going to be recognized by the language of truth. There is the truth of the heart’s wisdom that will resonate with you and then there is the truth of the mind’s intelligence that may not resonate with you. Either is right and neither is wrong. It’s just that some people are meant to be on your path because they will strive for the same as you. Those who support your mission are the ones that tell you to take care of you. They are the ones that text you and say something that gets you. Some place in you, you get it and even read it a few times or repeat it to yourself and so in that moment that person has helped you actualize your mission.  

Second, the people who are singularly coming into your life for one encounter and then leaving as if it never happened are also the people who support your mission. For sure, those encounters are so valuable and they hold so much wisdom compacted into one moment that lasted a day or two but changed you forever and on a fundamental level. When you have a person, who comes and goes then you know this person had a mission to fulfill and part of that mission was meeting you. You also can conclude that this person was sent as an ally to help you on your journey. I am including everybody in this second example of how to recognize who’s going to help you actualize it. Everybody means everybody. The people who come and go but made you have a bad experience are just as important and I meant that. You may not see it at first but later on the message will be revealed and truth will be known.  

Third. The people you met during your twenties or thirties and who have stayed in your life via the occasional catch-up call. Also known as your friends. Those ones, that you and them put the effort to share and update each other. The mission of your life will not be completed if it wasn’t for those friends. I often say ‘big up’ and it is a bigging up of those friends that we must do occasionally okay. What I mean by that is to appreciate them and be grateful for them and to consciously take time or spend time really loving and honoring those peeps. They are beautiful gemstones or precious treasures that you must cherish forever.  


So, there you have it. It is either through language or encounters or friends that we fulfil our life’s mission.  

During the first part of this write up, I talked about how to know what the mission of your life is. In short, our mission is to love but further than it is to tune into each developmental stage of our life and figure out what it is asking of us. Then, we further have the right to listen to our physical body so as to figure out what our mission at each developmental stage is.  

In the second part of this three-part series, I talked about my top 3 signs that can guide us along the way of fulfilling our mission. I mentioned the importance of knowing your needs and knowing how your body resonates or when your body is relaxed.  

I think once your intuitive senses have been activated you will know what to do. First though, they need to activate and one way to do that is by looking into how to open up your third eye. Another thing to note is that these senses often get glugged up so yes, we need to clean up regularly. This cleaning happens through meditations or intention setting or beautiful music for the seven chakras.  


Knowing what to do is not enough. You and I will also be asked to actually do the things we know we need to do. They are not going to go away unless we do them and so it is my deepest wish that my writings have supported you. I am also here for you if you need further empowerment and guidance. There is two ways in which I can serve you. Either coaching or card readings. 😊 


For now, may you and I be blessed and appreciated as we are.