If you are the author of your life then choice is always yours. Options are infinite but really only one matters and that is Love. Love has a specific language so all those who speak it recognise each other and those who don’t always speak it, it’s ok because you are deeply loved and guided back to Love by those who do.

When you don’t always speak the language of love, confusion arises. Sentences sound unclear, not proper. When you change to love language then no matter what it is you are talking about, be it poetry, mechanics, science, biology or chemistry, it sounds clear, precise, to the point.

Authenticity will be a hot topic for 2017 and I am happy to declare that I can masterfully talk about it, guide you through it and help you with it.

In short, being authentic means being stripped away from current conditions and living from a place of truth. Becoming authentic means knowing at a core level who you are. Your soul, your heart. Then you are an author who leads a life from an authentic place. Don’t mistake authenticity for super-ego or some sort of personality outfit. No. Authenticity is related to love. Love is a relaxed nervous system and clear truth about who you are, honesty that shines through every word you speak.Β 

Super-ego is always trying to impress and be independent in a interdependent universe. It’s a mask that requires maintenance and up-keep. “It’s hard work actually” and as a humanity we are all calling and longing for a new way of being which will manifest through us becoming Authentic.

Actually, the playful way to self-love is designed to bring you back to your core so that you can hear your inner voice, re-discover your inner Self and through that live an authentic life. The last step of the course is based on honesty, being honest with yourself.Β 

Become responsive to your needs and wants.

Get rid of clutter on an emotional, mental and physical level

Flirt with yourself

Keep it simple by maintaining a daily practice and smiling at the unknown

Be real, Keep it real, feel your feelings

Be honest, stay true and honest with yourself

Once you discover your core, it’s alright. It’s a matter of choosing from love or from fear and become more equipped to distinguish when thoughts or resistance is arising from fear, when it is not yours and what to do about it. You aim for turning self-love to be your default state. The more you love yourself, love your own heart, the more of a light being you will become, the more negativism will dissipate from your reality, the more authentic your life will become. There are so many of us all over the world, if this is a new topic for you, we are here to support you.

So how do you start to be authentic?

Well, by turning the focus onto yourself. Check in with your needs and wants. You can watch Teal Swan’s video on how to meet your needs.

Be you.


p.s. Definition of authenticity: β€œauthor” – β€œliving and acting in unison with one’s (created) Self; A story-free state of wholeness, origin, passion and freedom.


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