Hey you,


its been a while since I last wrote. Imma gonna keep going starting today with fresh inspiration in mind and totally stepping into my power, as uh as it may sound.

I moved back to Bulgaria after 15 years living in England and I can tell you – I am happier here. Im happy with my choice and really looking forward to what this year has to bring to me.

You know life can get a little difficult at times. Daily living can get boring and repetitive. The mundane as they call it.

It’s true.


We have to find a way to keep going. I am the way, the way I am.

Love what my teacher said once, that its all the same light just different lampshades. ha…

I believe this to be true and I believe that your grey everyday can be transformed. There are plenty of ways to do that but in all honesty it starts with paying attention to your heart.

You have to first tune into your heart space simply by breathing in our of that area where your real physical heart is. Do it many times and deepen each time.

Once you start connecting to your heart space, that which resonates with your heart and specific make up will start to find its way to you.

heart – is how we keep going

If you drift off and forget, return whenever you remember.


Now, what else about me… I am back in Bulgaria despite what others are saying. I am loving myself, my heart and my life everyday more and more. I am open to receive divine love and guidance. I declare that I absolutely live in a friendly universe. I openly give advice to everyone I come into contact with because lets be honest, I have been on the personal development path now for 12 years.

12 years

I sure have a lot of knowledge.#knowledgeislight

I am the light, the light I am.


Happy to give advice on anything that concerns your well being. OK?! Write if you like or email or Facebook. Let’s keep going.

With love and with light



p.s. feels good to be back writing to you. Again. 😀