Getting answers in an instant tarot reading geographically located in Europe.

Many websites offer card readings on the phone, or on camera and you get to choose from thousands of instant tarot readers. The money you are charged is largely held by the website company and the rest (a small amount) is given to the readers. Now, imagine a swimming pool with lots of people in it and they can all read your cards, but they all need their own connection to the Source. Would it be rather difficult to keep a clean channel if there are so many of the same in one location?

Separating myself from the rest and promoting my own website with a small shop that offers instant tarot readings as well as more in-depth creative consciousness coaching. My channel is kept clean thanks to the lifestyle I live. This way of life took many years to build and so much perseverance on my behalf in order to get established. Letting the numbers speak is usually the way but not this time. Quality of communication matters more. My clients in numbers are around 300+, of which repeating clients are probably 30+ and the common response from them is that I provide them with a quality instant tarot reading.

Europe, Eastern Europe and specifically Bulgaria.

A rather neglected country but in view of its riches, Bulgaria is totally worth visiting. There is the seaside for awesome beach time as well as the high mountains with black track ski slopes. Bulgaria is in Eastern Europe and the time zone is two hours ahead of London. I am the leader on yes no instant tarot in Europe. This is my throne, and I am quite comfortable sitting on it. The responsibility of reading your cards, and providing you with quality wisdom and insights are okay for me. I am the ruler in Europe, and you come to me if you want penetrative instant tarot.

I am happy to work with you over the phone, or in messaging, video calls, emails or face-to-face. I will join Decentraland and Metaverse soon.

There are many types of instant tarot readings that we can do. You get to choose from a list of spreads or I get to recommend you one based on your needs. I love the seaside card reading because that’s the one I created. It uses several different decks of cards and gives you a rather broad overview of your subconscious, conscious and superconscious. You can literally ask anything and I will help you formulate the question for the cards such that they find it easy to answer. It is not necessary for you to touch the cards, the important bit here is that you and I are connected.

Your instant tarot will be filled with practical guidance. It will be a bargain for you. Easy, simple and direct explanations coupled with clarity.

You always have the option to deepen your journey by joining me in my creative consciousness coaching program. These are 12 sessions that help you remember your creative power.

I invite you to harness the compassion of the cards with me using instant tarot readings whenever you need them. The coaching is for a full-on transformation whereas the seaside card reading is for immediate results. Unlocking your flow in an instant. The tarot is a very ancient tool and I am blessed to use it with care and responsibility. As I live my life in accordance with natural laws, my psychic abilities expand. I would talk about that in the next article.

My wish is that you become best friends with the voice inside of you. I do not intend to keep you hooked on my teachings or ideas. Instead, I am committed to turning your focus back on you, back towards your heart, whether you believe yourself to have one or not. You are the source of energy in human form and it will be my greatest honour to meet you. Get in touch with me, let’s talk and see what your instant tarot is.

My final words here are directed toward your ability to learn. Don’t overwhelm yourself with learning new stuff all the time but still keep your heart open for renewal. Once you have a reading with me, the cards become available to you too. You can learn tarot and keep a deck of cards in your bag like it’s a jewel.

Thank you for being here.

Love and light