Your intuition is that distinct (ясно доловим) voice that says do this… it’s a whisper (шепот). Not your normal thoughts and how they sound. You can always distinguish (различиш) your intuitive voice and your normal thoughts because the sound of the intuition is deeper (по-дълбок), fuller (плътен), more timber (тембър) based. It’s not loud (шумен) and its not screaming (писклив).

Although (Въпреки,че), back in the day, if your inner voice was screaming, that was the only way it would get your attention (внимание) to listen so please forgive (прости) yourself.

Why is it important to know about your intuition?

trust your gut - intuition

Because it is the most trustworthy guidance (най-доверчива насока). Your inner guidance system has its ways of guiding you through life and what it is you need to be experiencing next (какво е нещото което да преживяваш, после).

Sometimes your intuition may sound super negative but that’s because it wants your loving attention, undivided (неразделен).

Consequently (впоследствие) we may be led to buy an airplane ticket because of inner calling and still get to the airport only to find out you are not to board the plane because again your intuition is signalising you it’s not for you to board that plane.

So sometimes our guide inside will take us to a place and take us back. All the while, whispering what to do and what not to do so that we learn to follow it and trust it (за да се научим да я следваме и вярваме).

I love Teal Swan’s video on Intuition and I highly recommend you watch it if you want to get acquainted (уведомен) a little more on this.

Gut feeling.

Вътрешно чувство.

Again, it’s about feeling and not logic.

I don’t know if you are a sensitive person or not but I know I am.

I used to struggle, call it a curse then a gift but now… I am encouraging (окуражавам) everyone to learn how to feel.

Both good or bad feelings are in existence because they demand (повеляват) of us to feel them and in that we integrate them.

Remember it’s all about become Whole again.


Спомни си че всичко е за да бъдем Цели, отново.

Where in your life could you benefit from hearing your intuition a little bit more? 

Къде в твоя живот можеш да спечелиш от чуването на интуицията ти малко повече?

Hit reply and tell me. Im curious (любопитна) and open to converse (отворена за разговор) about these things, I am sure I can help you further if you need me to. Although, I don’t like to feel like I am here to help, no I am here to guide and signpost and take-a-walk-with-you so that you can live from an empowered place. 

I hope you have seen how-you-can-work-with-me and I hope you-will-be-brave-enough-to-work-with-me. As a super-sensitive I am tender and gentle, perhaps more than what first-meets-the-eye.

With so much love, today!



p.s. hit me up with any ideas or question you want me to talk about. Next week I am writing about synchronicity (синхронизация) and how coincidence (съвпадение) is the thing of the past.