Don’t know how to give to you what I want to give to you and in a way that you will use what you’re given to pass it on to others.

I can list the acknowledgements in my life and I can tell you it is these tools that got me to acknowledge all that is and so I want you to use the tools so you too can have the same as me but have it your way.

I was asked to speak about friendships, the only friend you will ever get is yourself and if you are always 100% honest and complete in your thoughts, you admit 100% how you feel and what you have done, without making yourself wrong – you will meet and keep good people in your life.

Recently I met a special man who has given me the green light to expand my studies in a more esoteric direction so I have been studying and practicing spiritual growth 1 gazzilion percent and the basics is – PRO light.

Acknowledge my family –  parents, grandmother, brother and sister-in-law, two nephews. I have not been around much, I sort of appear and disappear. Even when I am physically around I am not present.

Words – I love learning new words, it’s a bit like candy though and the euphoria lasts for five seconds then the word is gone.

Acknowledge my living situation —  a static caravan situated in UK underneath 7 trees. Fully self-sustainable and cosy with the comfort and presence of my cat JayJay or Gracia as her second name.

I acknowledge my commitment to make my dreams come true – the fantasies I once had are now becoming a reality and I tell you there is nothing more thrilling then the intimate moment of Life and Me where Life says… here, you can have it, just ask for it, just say it.

My freedom – from morning routine of yoga and meditation to salsa and jazz. From working online as and when I fancy it to enjoying the socials and inspiring others to see a new way of living, feeling, being, seeing.

For the birds that sing in my garden and the garden of all. Their song is the tiny reminder to come back to the present moment, always.

Grateful for The Whole Women Sisterhood – we share videos about women’s power, old age but if we could turn back time, what men crave and great spirit songs.

Acknowledge the peace and quite that I can create just by snapping out of the noise in my head.

Acknowledge that money is not everything, it’s not the root of all evil, instead it is an energy that I am unsure how to love yet and the process of learning how to love the inflow of money is also something I would like to acknowledge as it being just that. A learning curve.

Oh god, I acknowledge all the awesome human beings in my life from across the world. Technology “I thank you” for allowing this global communication to happen.

Acknowledge that this is very much about me me me and what is in my life.

I love the intimate moments with life and I wish for everyone to have them, more of them cos that is when the blood in my veins freezes with rushing anticipation of the endless possibilities. WOW.

Grateful I can voice out my desires even though it is fucking hard, I still do it.

Knowing what it feels like to vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love. Boom. This is my wish for all of humanity.

Uncertainty and I have a healthy relationship and I wish to pass this one to you through my writings, my work and my presence.

Acknowledge that I speak of emotions, feelings and perspectives as if that is the only way when if I was a doctor I will look at things from a completely different perspective and probably wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about.

Acknowledge we are not on the same page and the materialistic or the distance that separates us is precious in its purpose.

Intimacy, touch, affection, the burning in my lower area underneath the belly button or the tingling of my clit when I feel electricity towards someone or from someone, the sensations in my body, being hyper sensitive – sometimes they paralyse me.

Acknowledge that it is my lesson to learn how to give myself that which I truly want and desire without any hesitancy and in doing that I shall receive the unconditional love that I desire the most.

The kisses, a wet tongue in my mouth, remiging around, I love those moments of Squeezing the Juice out of life and more.

Acknowledge that I am an eternal being, a spirit and a Psychology graduate, an NLPer and a Consciousness coach, I acknowledge this body is my space suite, my divinity and humaneness co-exist.

Gosh, I love my needs, my sexual needs and wants, burning with desire and every time I wish it will go away already, I simultaneously wish it doesn’t stop.

I love being un-attached an rooted in true presence. Thoughtfulness. Newness.

I love women, I mean I am a women but I love women, we are so sensual, and delicate, the flow and the nature of life. I love all women from all over the world in all shapes or forms.

Acknowledge myself for living a life away from assumptions, expectations, gossip, perfection, however I do not like living in criticism, racism, pain, lack of joy and suffering.

Hey, I know what my life’s purpose is, how I learned what it is and how I am going to live it out.

That’s all for now, hit the reply and tell me what is it that you acknowledge?

Love and light




p.s. The 3 MOST important steps in dealing with life being unfair are: 

Step 1. Respect the Shadow, you can do that simply by saying “I respect your power”

Step 2. Show empathy towards the shadow by saying “I am sorry you feel this way” Or “I am sorry this happened to you”.

Step 3. Honour the power of the shadow. Otherwise, the noise will go up and the debt will grow bigger and the health will go even worse. “I honour your power.”