Lead the way with light?

Light sometimes means awareness and sometimes it means omnipresence. I want to call it energy, invisible matter that takes shape and form or manifests in all kinds of things. So if we want to lead the way with light, then we will be leading the way with awareness. We will have to grow this awareness or cultivate it or maybe just change our perspective that this awareness is endless and so it doesn’t really need to grow. And indeed energy is infinite, it can not be destroyed or created.  I have a problem here with not being able to create energy. This means the energy is already there and I just tap into it rather than creating it. 


I am battling with lots of assumptions lately as I have taken on a journey to unlearn some shizz. So I know that we create something out of nothing whereas we change something from something. Changing a thing isn’t the same as creating a thing. 


let ‘s see, the energy is already existing and I just tap into it, something out of nothing. Nothing is the energy that I tap into which would mean I lead the way with nothing and everything at the same time. (haha) 


Light is everything we see. For instance, light becomes thoughts and feelings and patterns and nature and we know this because when we look into the tiniest atom and there is nothing. I find that mind blowing but anyway. The light. How do you know you are leading the way with light and not with darkness? 


My answer is: feeling. 


Does it feel good? And there is the good kind of pain. Come on. 


If you are here, you have an inner guidance system. You are either connected to it or you are not. Those that are connected to it lead the way with light and those who are not connected to it, follow the leaders. The people who are leading the governments and big corporations like petrol stations and superstores are not leading with light, they are the half-wise or the walking-dead. I heard this somewhere and I like it so I will tell you about it. It felt good to me when i read it which means i must be leading with my feelings, with my light. 


I like to bring the focus to our hearts, always. Therefore, i would go about answering this question from the heart’s wisdom. Unfortunately, the heart feels, gets hurt, gets broken and stays open. The will of the heart is to stay open. I’ve heard this somewhere else and at the end of this writing I will list the places where I have heard stuff. Well may be leading with your heart is about choosing the pain and connecting to the pain. You feel it only to get inspired to spread the word for it and get other people to feel their own pain and get transformed by the power of love. That’s also what I do in my coaching sessions sometimes. I ask my peeps to feel the pain and hurt so we can go through to the other side. That’s what I did and I am a lightworker. I lead the way having been borne with emphatic abilities. I feel and I am alive because I am a torchbearer and what that means is. I announce wellness. I never complain, I never moan about things, I always have something positive to say and something that is working right in my life. 


This announcement of wellness requires awareness and awareness is light. Back to the light. To lead the way with light is to love oneself and those who don’t love themselves, need to sit down and put a hand on their heart and say ‘I love you’ again and again until one they their heart breaks open and they become the next leader of the way with light. 


Lead the way with energy is easy. You move forward in life with what you got and when a barrier arises you love the one who’s facing it. Over time, this barrier changes, it’s transmuted or transformed, it takes on another shape or it dissolves back to source. This process of transmutation generates energy and energy is the invisible matter that can be called money, love, charisma, depending on the shape it wants to take. 


Everyday if you can you should ask your heart how it feels? What feelings want to be shared? I honestly believe that the wisdom of the heart is where it is at. Without underestimating the power of the mind. But the mind is methodical and mathematical and systematic and the heart is where love happens and where we feel the good juju and the bad juju that we transmute into energy. 


Let’s get real, keep it real. Leading the way with light in practical terms means lots of compliments, acknowledgments, respect. Soften a heart open with a kind word. Give recognition to someone or yourself by pointing out the obvious and the actual truth not some abstract stuff. Respect. Respect yourself more and more each day. You are not just you the guy you know yourself to be. You are your emotions and feelings and thoughts and hiding spots or untold truths so respect them. Just these three practical actions will bring about light and so whatever needs to unfold will do so in light. I personally love compliments. My ex and I created the Compliments Game. you should try it out. 


If you got this down as your now foundation, the next level up would be honour. Honour is acknowledgement and respect in one. Eye gazing with non-judgment will be the next level of compliments and it will require a partner. Leading the way with light, next level up, we have honour with non-judgmental eye gazing and now the gift. A consciously chosen intentional gift, a blessing of something that you wish to see in your life or in someone else’s life and you give it to everyone as a gift. 


I think another practical way of leading with light would be not to rush someone and instead to let yourself and others take their time. I feel like speed is a huge hurdle for me. But then again speed of light, they say which means fast. Again light is manifested as speed. 


You can literally do this with anything and everything. Even the bad juju like shame, guilt, fear and so on. It’s simply light dressed up in those feelings. The one awareness decided to see what its like to feel fear. Great but there is more room to play in the light kind of feelings. The light kind of feelings such as peace, joy, satisfaction take up more space, they need more time, they are much less intense.  


So I don’t know, you tell me? What do you think is leading the way with light? 


I want to just acknowledge the people and places where i have heard some of the things I said in this writing. I want to mention Yoga with Adrienne, Matt Kahn, The Time of The Six Sun and in specific a channelling of Gaia, as well as the Four Hour Work Week book. 


May you be blessed with the most delicious cup of coffee and butter something kind of cake. 


I love you. 




P.S. some peeps have enormous amount of energy manifested as money, other’s is knowledge. At the end of the day, that transmutation process, the way we move through barriers to achieve dreams and visions happens by merging our energies together. I think that’s why healers find it difficult to put a price on their energy same as rich people find it difficult to lose or give their money energy. So but anyway, this is something i acknowledge in myself and in the world and i give back the intentional blessing of unity. No matter what what, we are all one.