Long distance relationships.


My husband warned me that with J it will be two step forward, one steps back. She accepted me then she rejected me.

Yes. She send me an email saying she is not interested in building a long-distance relationship or friendship with me.


Today’s topic is Distance Relationships.


A asked me to look into tantric sex for long-distance partners. Frankly, Google returned two years old results. Basically, page 1 on Google, gave  me enough to ignite my desire in finding a resource on long-distance spiritual relationships and I am asking a friend of mine as well as the universe to help me.

I want to know how to be in long distance relationship with A and J.


If you have any resource please share with me.

Have you ever been in love with someone who is physically far away from you?

Plasticine tree

I was playing with Plasticine to make simple shapes.

Hard. Different. Really a platonic relationship and I am open to learn about it.

It will be another 5 months before I can be in my beloved’s embrace and instead of moping around, I want to grow, expand, learn.


He asked me to look up this YouTube channel about tantric sex but it doesn’t contain anything that is relative to our particular situation so I didn’t clutter my mind space with too much.

Our situation is such that we are in love with one another but we are physically separate. I see that as our doorway into an evergreen healthy and harmonious empowering relationship.

None of my teachers talk about this. I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Long-distance relationships. Totally different flavour.

Yes. Matt Khan and Julie Dittmar, Teal Swan, Marc Steinberg, Adriene (my yoga teacher)  – neither of them talks about how to make it if you are physically divided.


May I be blessed ease and growth in my long distance relationship. Know that my commitment is in place.

It’s always good to have a new perspective and A if you are reading this… your recommendations to read about long-distance partners and tantric sex led to this new inspired action of mine: Learn how to grow in a long-distance relationship and a spiritual one at that.


That’s it for now folks. If you have any advice on this topic I would be happy to hear it.




p.s. Honestly I want to articulate my feeling for A better and I want to write better. I will start on this next time.