What if I told you that loving yourself will bring you more money and more joy.

What if you knew that the very cultivation of light within yourself, solves all problems, mysteriously.

Finally, what if I told you that you don’t need someone else to guide you, because they are not you.

Yes, there are spiritual teachers telling us all kinds of insights and sharing their wisdom. However, my personal experience tells me that following my inner voice leads to the following benefits:

  • experiencing life through the lens of magic
  • letting your inner child be heard
  • having a voice
  • learn to feel and express your joy
  • become ahead of the competition
  • have the feel good factor everyday

If this sounds like something you want, then you better start listening to yourself first and validating your own feelings and emotions. If something is arising in you, then it is seeking you for all the love that you are, that only you can give it.

Loving yourself is generating energy and energy is also money and joy at the same time. You can generate money which is energy or your can generate love which is energy too. If you choose the first one, the risk is higher than the risk you have for going with the loving option.

Start with a dialogue.

Stay rooted in you being the love and the liberator that difficult emotions are looking for. You will get lost in thinking you are the same as the negative thoughts and feelings but actually you are the relief they seek.

Money and joy will follow as you anchor down into love. Loving yourself daily will make you grounded and in that all things are found, to include money and joy.

Something else in the grounded state of being is your in-born worth and your potential to grow yourself. The money you spent on personal growth are always worth it. We have all been conditioned so much so that stress, anxiety and worry has become our nature when it shouldn’t be.

Another issue, for example is how men and women are being over-simplified, which I do not support. For that reason I am devoting my life to empower them. I will do so by sharing my wisdom and my service. If you are interested in working with me in my capacity as a Creative Consciousness® Coach please email me back or call me. I can support you getting unstuck, gaining clarity or having a breakthrough in all areas of life. To give you a hint of me: my passion extends to dance, intimacy, connection with yourself and sexuality.

So there you have it, all about loving yourself and generating more money and more joy.

Stand up, Speak up, Show Up.


P.S. My pick for this week from Teal’s teachings is about the inner voice. It’s quite simple, listen to it and follow, in time it gets better.