Alright my blog is a day late this week because I lost a day of my life in pointless work. I went to salsa class a day later and like a “loo-loo” exclaimed at the traffic lights “Oh my god it’s Wednesday today” – not Tuesday.

To follow up with a weekend in London and a day at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival. Coming back from a roller coaster of dream state, higher consciousness state, sexual state and party state, I found myself in agonising pain for 24 hours. Literally, the bottom half of my body and the top half of my body were in war.

So much pain, no sleep, really praying for light in what seemed like a darker moment of my life.

Lost a day.

Today is another day and I feel fresh as a daisy which is where my unique strength lies. I am a natural born upper! A Driver. 

I will be voice over-ing my next video, which will be coming out on my website at very soon. A cartoon animation advertising video, promo. It will be produced by my lovely class mate:

a black dude who’s hand suffered first degree of Delina amazement back in the day, when she rubbed the top of his hand gently exclaiming “Oh My god…” nothing happened, the skin stayed dark. (that was the first time I saw a black person ever and I have a weakness for them from then on). 

I found extra room for and of self-love or simply Real Love today during my Yoga With Adriene video on Yoga for Love – delayed St Valentines practice.

This week, I don’t know anything. Life’s beautiful and energy wise I am feeling ok. I was very hopeless and helpless yesterday and so I wrote about it to two of my soul sisters in Europe. I cried out, oh yeah. 

Let me reflect on my experience from the Mind Body Spirit Festival. I mean… I went to this festival specifically to see Teal Swan Live… she was exactly like she is in her YouTube videos, tall and gracious, super real and that sense of modesty also I sensed that.

The workshop lasted two hours and it was on Authenticity. Big word right, someone watched me on Periscope the other day, while I was promoting the playful way to self-love and I was asking about authenticity, they said – big word and that I am the kind of girl to “listen to in morning after taking lots of MDMA”. K-a-c-h-i-n-g. 

Wow. Authenticity. Biggest take away from the weekend is that none of us know… what the solution is all the time to everything. No, we simply don’t know, don’t have it and most importantly don’t need to ….







It’s ok to just feel what is.

That is the answer. To feel is an act and it can only occur in the here and now. If you can not feel then you are not in the here and now, you are in your mind – living in the past or the future. You choose…

(not feeling is also related to numbness, please keep that in mind and all reasons are valid for what they are)

OK… right, then I met Ben, a wonderful guy with them tantalising mesmeric eyes, that have lots of intertwined lines in which I usually get lost… however… Ben and I had a cosmic conversation that lasted the duration of Teal Swan’s workshop and another 5 hours after that.

Bottom line out of the conversation was that THE PROBLEM IS CHOICE and even though I don’t see it as a problem, I can see how it can be the problem. So to that I say…

Diplomacy. Integrity. Trial and Error.

Couple more things. Choose the light my friend. Eat green grass type salad and cut out them meaty meals cos they are Death in your body which is much worse that swearing.

I wanna get even more freaky about clean language and clean mind and clean food.

Time >> one more stop over from my cosmic conversation…

We don’t have time though and that’s the ending of my writing this week.

Guys, this one is for you… meditate. Meditate if you are not already and just start somewhere… 5 minutes of Meta Meditation will sort lots of sh*** out. 

Call for action this week is: MEDITATE

Commit, start and go…

Love and light



p.s. I almost didn’t mention the pass-over dinner that I had the privilege to partake in. For those of us who don’t know what a pass-over dinner is, I have a couple of words to link it to and that is: Jewish Tradition.

p.s.s. words I dig this week: Mind, Body, Spirit Festival May 2016