What are the signs to observe for relative to your Life’s mission? (Part 2) 

What are my Top three signs helping you fulfil the mission of your life?  


The first sign to observe for on your way to living out your mission is the relaxation of your body. Any amount of tension in your body is simply asking for your loving attention and any amount of relaxation in your body is showing you that you are living out your mission 

The second sign to look for is resonance. Notice when something resonates with you and when something doesn’t. In other words, what do you harmonize with and what don’t you harmonize with? For example, food is a good opportunity to test this out for yourself. Does this food give you energy and make you feel alive or does it drain you and make you feel sleepy? Music is another area you can test your resonance in and so you check is this music inspiring me and uplifting me or is this music making me go into my head and get stuck there repeating the same thing over and over again. You can apply the law of resonance on pretty much any are of your life. I would take the auto mechanics that my boyfriend is involved in as another example. A lot of the time he has to buy spare parts and so he can check if something harmonies with him by how his body is reacting. If it’s perceived as too expensive then his body will contract and if he perceives the price to be good then he would hear a loud yes for it. You are always living out your mission when you are in flow, effortlessly moving through your days. 

Note: unfortunately, we are condition to be tensed up and to be under pressure and to worry. This is the opposite pf feeling relaxed, open and effortless. Therefore, it will be strange and unfamiliar for you to recognize the signs that show you the mission at hand. Condition has been applied to everybody and it is our mission, indeed to re-condition ourselves or to peel back the layers and uncover the true soul essence underneath the conditioning.  

The third sign that will guide you on your mission is needs. Make the distinction between needs and wants and keep going. Always come back to your needs first and are they met. Often, we forget our needs and get trapped in our wants. The needs we have might be the need for connection, for self-expression, for movement, for love, for freedom and so when these are unmet, we reach out to self-destructive behaviours like overeating or alcohol.  

Again, a huge note: we are conditioned by the endless advertising and promotions that we should want this and that but none of it is really a need of ours and it’s just a clever way to keep us distracted from the mission at hand. I explained more about the mission at hand in the previous post.  

My top three signs for recognizing your mission are the body, the resonance and the needs.  

Sometimes, the body may feel relaxed but then a slight movement to the left and it will give you an ache in the lower back and so what do you do then? Your mission is not don’t go to the left and don’t move at all, no. Your mission is to exercise your body and keep it healthy and vibrant. Tend to the various groups of muscles. Strengthen the muscles that hold the spine wrapped up. When you signal your body that you are willing to tend to it, it will signal back to you what you can do. And don’t forget to breath deep.  

Another note: for those of us who are living a pain free life, especially free from pain in the physical body, we have come to realize that the only way out of pain is through it. Whenever I have been in pain in my body, I have surrendered to it and dived deeper by breathing it in. Breathing in the pain and becoming one with it at the exclusion of the outside world. I soon was released by pain herself and was gifted with relief. Now I understand that we can go to all kinds of doctors and they can relieve us of the pain for a period of time but then when we are in a space of no pain, we much be willing to go back to the place that aches by ourselves and communicate lovingly with that place. It’s like your willingness to welcome the pain before it comes, frees you from it coming.  

Okay moving on.  

Resonance. You are currently vibrating at a specific and unique frequency and so you are a vibrational match to some things and not others. Then, there is choice and free will. There is exploration and trying things out. Which means you could select something that is of a higher vibrational frequency than you and you can see if you start vibration like it, matching it or your body will very clearly tell you that it doesn’t like that. So, there are the things that we attract because of who we are and how we are. Then, there is the things we choose out of our own volition and we can resonate or not which will signal you if this is part of your mission or not.  

Finally, a few more words about needs. The extended list of needs that I know of that could be replaced by reaching for food is: adventure, identity, freedom, love and connection. When one or more of these natural needs isn’t met, we would reach of something that is a replacement. Let me be honest, I do it, you sure do it and most of us still do it because like I said we are conditioned to want and not to meet our needs. We are told our needs are food and shelter and water so that’s all we bother fulfilling. But there is a very real need for love, a very real need for connection and when we don’t fulfil that need, things get ugly.  

My favourite teacher explained needs and wants like this:  

What you want is a need that you desire but you are not supposed to have it.  

What you need is a want you are ready to receive the moment you require it.  

Think about this. The element of being able to receive comes into play which is super important if you want to meet your needs. You want something you don’t have, creating pain. You have something you don’t want, creating pain. Wanting what you have, creates appreciation and therefore relaxation and therefore you r way on your way to fulfilling your mission.  

Next writing will be about the people that are meant to help us on our mission and how to recognize them. It’s been an honour to share with you what I think are the three major signs for reaching your mission.