When you tell me ‘don’t love me because it will cause you great pain sooner or later’ I say ‘no’, I will love no matter what, because you matter and you are here for a reason but I may stay away from ‘falling in love with you’ because that cause attachment and pain indeed.

It was a time of great change and newness for me when you showed up. One night I was unsure if I want to club or sleep and a simple text to you, proved that clubbing was on the cards. You were the DJ in that club.

I had a lovely FUN time, dancing, drinking whiskey and looking you, admiring you from a far thought I was physically real close to you. DJ stations are fun filled locations.

You text message ‘dont forget me’ asked for an instant response from ‘how… no’. You are unforgettable. Why would one forget you.

You are a DJ. I believe that every DJ knows what the audience wants and can provide it. In this case, I was audience and you knew what I wanted. Our ‘thing’ spiralled out of control in no time and now…

I am suffering. I miss you. I want to kiss you and hug you and be close to you. Like… all the time.

Your reality doesn’t allow for a girlfriend only fun and at specific times.

Good for you. I respect where you are at. I also know myself and what I need and want.

Polarities meet and they create contrast. A blast of electricity that ran so deep into my tummy… they call it ‘life’s kiss’.

I want you, I am pulling my hairs out right now, thinking if I should text you or not. Texting you would mean pleasure, burning, longing, agony and angst at the same time, oh so sweet bitter, fuck this shit, fuck my life.

Good for you if you move on.

Please move on.

One minute left before the hour I said we should meet and I will be brought back to reality that everything is ok and all if well.

Dam you passion


Thank you for that passion.

I am going to listen to music.

Love always