Do you love eating dates? They are rich in fibre and have these long, narrow seeds inside. 


I collected four, washed them with hot water, left them to dry and then soaked them in hot water before wrapping them in a kitchen paper towel. You can scratch the seed with a knife to create little openings, to speed up the sprouting process.  I kept that paper wrap wet inside a plastic bag for a month. Just in the cupboard with no direct sunlight. Actually, the temperature in the house was high, it was a hot summer cabin and I had to water them twice. Now though I have sprouted date pips. 

I read somewhere that you have to plant them vertically and to be honest, it makes sense because the roots are growing in a vertical direction too. Look.

planting seeds from dates to grow palm trees

and I am ready to plant in a pot filled with soil. Actually, in this image, you see a normal soil mix but then I read I need a cactus mix. 

Dates come from palm trees, so the seeds require either a palm mix or a cactus mix for the soil. I had to go back and buy cactus mix and drainage to plant them. 

I’ll show you in my video. 



Barrel Cactus Seeds. 

My beautiful friend gifted me with barrel cactus seeds and I planted them in three pots. One for me, one for him and one for his son. His son will be going to university next year and I would love to gift him with a homegrown barrel cactus. After all, it was he and his dad who brought the seeds to me from the Mojave desert in Sierra Nevada mountains, America. 

Watch my SHORT video to see the seeds of a cactus tree. CLICK HERE 

May all of my seeds grow with the will of the divine. I hand them over and will do my best to take good care of them, providing them with enough sunlight, water, and food for the soil. Alongside the dates and barrel cactus, I also planted grass for my cats, parsley and dill. I renewed the soil in one of my older palm trees because she looked really depleted. Two of my other plants also got a make so it was a beautiful day of gardening.

My feminine is happy because I have been creating more every day for the last few days and so may this serve as inspiration for you to create as well. It is a kind of inner child meditation, or what it means to love yourself. This hands-to-earth is loving yourself. Believe me. 

Thank you for watching.

Peace and out.