Short and useful definition of ‘psychiatry’ followed by a very insightful description of ‘what is the best bit of being a psychiatrist’.

Find out why medication is not the best thing for you and really what is better.

We all hear these words: psychology, therapy, psychotherapy, psychiatry, mental health treatments, coaching, CBT, EFT, NLP, healing, counselling, practitioner of this or practitioner of that.

And really, it wasn’t until I interviewed an ex-psychiatrist that clarity dawned on me. So here’s a short and useful definition of ‘what is the practice of psychiatry’:


‘psychiatry is the medical practice, that deals with the human psyche. It involves psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Mostly, is basically focused on pharmacotherapy, so, using medication, rather than psychotherapy. But we do both. And. It is to help tackle and treat mental illnesses ranging from: mood disorders, like depression and mania/bipolar to schizophrenia, among other forms of psychoses, and to anxiety to multiple different areas in mental health. It’s really to treat mental illness. It’s a branch of medicine, that deals with treating mental illness.’


So there you go, that’s psychiatry. And what’s interesting, is that the ex-psychiatrist who gave me this explanation also answered my question about what is his favorite bit of being a psychiatrist and here’s what he said:

‘it’s the ability to interact with people and help create a change in their life. Help them reclaim control, after they felt that they had lost it. And. I tried to minimize the use of medication as much as possible and succeed in doing that. It’s really about changing, helping them reclaim control.’


You know this is genuine and you can feel how much light has been shown on this question and topic. Medication doesn’t seem to be the answer and this is truly optimistic to hear. My body likes to know that there are people out there who promote less use of medication.

I had no idea that medication will be part of psychiatry but there you go… it is.

With many thanks and huge gratitude in my heart, I say ‘thank you’ to the ex-psychiatrist, who kindly answered my questions and helped me write this article.


You can be sure that the best way to go about treating mental health illness is through the practice of psychiatry and even then, you could insist on less medication and more human interaction.


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Until next time. With lots of love and lots of light.