You know that book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” well… this post is related to that same insight.

Do you believe yourself to be rich? or Abundant as it’s called in the Anglo-Speaking ways.

Being rich is not about financial gains, it’s everything, it’s #havingness on the inside and  on the outside. It’s about non-tangible qualities like patience, care, thoughtfulness as well as the tangible stuff like: Land Rover, Miu Miu Bag, Fashion TV.

You wanna aim for both – rich on the inside and the outside. Sometimes it may feel like you are not rich because your materialistic possessions aren’t that many, but also you may have so much stuff and still feel really poorly on the inside.

Let’s transfer that into the Conceptual Age we live in, the waterfalls of information that come our way everyday… some information you will use but most you will dump it.

Accumulating concepts gets us stuck, find what feels raw, follow it.

This richness of information leaves us not so rich on the inside and that sucks.

Rich or not rich

Come on now, do you believe yourself to be rich? Yes or no?

There’s only two options, one way forward. if You answer yes, great you can begin to enrich other people’s life too. If the answer is no, great again, there is so much that awaits you. Now.

I cant begin to stress the importance of you having to slow down, ask a question and answer it. Don’t move to the next thing, answer that one question, get really clear on it, swallow it, sometimes it’s messy sometimes its shameful…

Being rich or not rich is a state of being. Not having. Take this a step deeper and you fall into the truth that you are a creator, believe it or not.

Have you worked with a coach before? I have and I can assure you, the ability of someone to hold space for you is invaluable. The worth and the quality of what you get from being coached is priceless.

We are not designed to go this life alone… allow others in. Be willing to speak up, show up, stand up for life and for yourself.

Rich or not rich, is matter of choice, you got this!.  – Tweetable

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With love and with light




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