Even cats have rituals. Before they go to sleep, they pat that area in which they will curl and sleep. When they wake up, they stretch front and back legs, up-dog, down-dog and they gracefully walk away, slow moving.

In case you have trouble sleeping – add night and morning routine. Stick to it.

I went through existential bummer period, hundreds if not millions of weird bite like sensations that kept me awake and once I added a short prep work before going to bed, my issue was resolved.

It was also, another area in life, where I could become more conscious and aware of myself and my doings.

So my ritual is like this:

  1. Before bed 30 minutes – no phone
  2. Drink a bottle of water – 1 hour before i go to bed
  3. Meditate in a sitting upright position if I am not super exhausted

These are my simple steps. You can choose your own. I would suggest adding: gratitude journal time, ‘I love you’ moments, reflection of the day, shadow work (something like conscious moment to  ‘hate’ whom ever or whatever upset you during the day) (when we take the time to consciously feel the negative emotions we usually suppress or brush off from during our day, they dissolve and really seize to exist).

You can also watch comedy so you laugh out loud, that releases unnecessary pressure.

I am not going to go into the history of ritual work but as you probably know, it has been around for yonkies years and it should be kept alive in today’s world by us. I take my ritual work rather seriously because I find it sets the scene for whatever inspirational work I am doing.

It opens our hearts so that love can flow in. It really is vital actually. Super super important. It’s flexible to build your own routine, something that works for you. Plenty of suggestions available online but again main thing is to ask your body what will feel healthy.

Going straight to bed is not the best option unless you are really mega tired an even then, ritual must come first. It’s like an extension of brushing your teeth routine.

I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments below. Please also visit my new work-with-me-page.

With love



p.s. in honour of the art work