What is sensitivity?

Sensitivity is when you feel other people’s emotions and moods (настроения), when you can feel the Planet’s pain and joy, it is about being sensitive which is a state of being open and receptive’(приемлив) to what is around you and your body literally senses these external factors.

You can be hyper-sensitive (хипер-чувствителен) which is commonly labeled (етикет) as ‘not-fitting-in-cos-you-have-small-attention-spam”, this is total B.S. Being hyper-sensitive is hard at the best of times. It stops you from fully living life because your system is overloaded (пренатоварен) with inflow of information that comes through the senses (сетива).

You sense too much and you fall into the isolate-me-bracket.


Ти чувстваш прекалено много и попадаш във скобите на изолацията.


You feel rather than understand through logic what is going on around you.

feel vs logic

Ти чувстваш вместо да разбираш чрез логика какво става около теб.

We are not taught (не сме учени) how to handle (как да боравя) sensitivity which causes one of the biggest problems – to-think-there-is-something-wrong-with-you (да-мислиш-че-има-нещо-грешно-с-теб).

On the plus side, being sensitive helps you to tune into (хванеш мелодията) how others feel and show empathy (съпричастие) or compassion (състрадание) towards them and their situation. You are liked (харесван) by people a lot if you are a sensitive person because you take extra care so as to not upset (разстрой) anyone with your opinions (мнения) or behaviours (поведения).

You are gentle and tender if you are sensitive or hyper-sensitive.

Ти си благ и нежен ако си чувствителен или хипер-чувствителен.

Why am I talking about sensitivity?

Today, the world needs more of us sensitive people to speak up, show up, stand up because we can make other people who are not so sensitive feel and feeling is better than numbness (скованост, вцепененост).

If we can feel then we can be guided towards (напътствани към) what feels good and integrate/love the things that don’t feel good until they disappear (изчезни).

Understanding yourself as sensitive person is freedom because you accept that’s who you are and you cash in on that.

So do you feel a lot or little?

Hit reply and start the conversation with me, I am happy to help and talk about being sensitive and practices (практики) we can do to help us better manage our emotions and feelings.

With love



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