For the silver lining after death and how does it attach to the new embryo.  


The silver lining after death is actually seen as gold rope attached at one end to the soul that has gone and on the other end to the soul that is still alive. This golden silver ling is the invisible cord of emotional attachment that each one of us has to each other. When someone dies, we miss them, and it’s this gold rope that pulls out of us all the emotions. The new embryo may not even have a silver ling because we are bringing the heaven on earth. There will be no need for emotional pulling after death because the new generations will be emotionally awake. They will process emotional triggers as and when they arise. The older generation simply suppressed their emotions and so when someone dies, they feel so much grief. The new generation will be rather emotionally educated, awake, and wise.  

The silver lining is a term used to explain when somebody you meet who is happy and glowing or perhaps preaching of the way of love. These people are attached to the heavens above with a silver string. They receive their inspiration and words of love through that string. Today though, there is an invasion of divine beings. There is lots of us. There also lots of us who are waking up but do not have a silver line active. In the future, the silver line will be out of purpose because love wins and all sentient beings will live on earth in peace and in love, harmony.  

Right now, with the virus, there is plenty of souls leaving this planet. They each pull out of us emotional golden strings. Those of us who are left alive, feel pain from losing these people. That pain we feel in our hearts is the gold lining. We must feel it, or learn how to feel it and stay in our bodies at the same time. Pain is a master teacher and it comes to all of us so this is one way we can see us as united.  

We want to remember that we are actually heavenly beings on this planet. We’ve come here to learn, to evolve, to bring awakened consciousness to the Earth. Gaia is a living sentient being that is ascending as we speak. She is starting to vibrate at a higher frequency. It’s the 5th dimension or unity consciousness or creative consciousness. We all realize our inherent power to create with our words. It is true that there are souls and beings on this planet that are not well intended. They mean bad things to happen but they are serving a purpose. As long as something has a purpose, it will continue to exist. Their purpose is to create friction and pressure in us, the light bearers. When we direct our light towards healthier, more compassionate way of living, then all will begin to change, very fast.  

The golden lining or the silver lining will not be needed as this transition between the fear and the love takes place. Souls of the future will come and their light body will be on Earth as well. The point is that we are learning how to be emotionally free. When we are free emotionally then we are radiating goodness. Once we radiate goodness towards ourselves and others, then the gold lining will have served its purpose. The silver lining or gold string that connects us to heaven will have merged into the illuminated field around Gaia.  

The gold is inside you and the lining will evaporate into the brightness of the air around you. The silver lining will undergo transformation and the new embryo will come equipped with sharpness and color and sunshine already in-build. The gold line that pulls on our hearts when a soul goes, will no longer need to pull on us because we would be emotionally healed. The dark age of emotional neglect is over. This is the aftereffect. The fog that lasts for a while.  

Until we know ourselves as creators, we are emotionally neglectful. 

To create is to know the power of the word and how to use language to create the reality you really wish to see. this is actually what I have trained in. My coaching practice is based around conscious use of words and becoming a creator first in language. If you like subscribe to my writings (scroll to the bottom of the page) or send me an email.