What can I say about simplicity? It comes from keeping things simple and real. For me, simplicity is when I remember that life is about smiling at the unknown and keeping a daily practice. I elaborate and teach all about these two practices in my Playful Way to Self-Love programme and you can read more here.

So today I will link simplicity to the simple truth that “love is the greatest cause of pain”. This is super simple right, and you can relate to it? Men do everything they do to please a women and to feel the love, they start from a place of love, soon may be they forget it but they do it anyway.

Women also, we start with good intention and from a place of love, often we bear it for so long that it pains.

This pain, it lives inside out bodies. It gets accommodated at various parts, sometimes it’s in the shoulder sometimes it’s in the heart.

The pain is actually an alarm that something needs my attention and so when I dive into it, and I hear what it has to say and I forgive it, then I come back to the place of love.

The circle may begin again.

I tend to rush into the next thing, and the next thing, and the next. For me slowing down is a skill I have mastered and I teach to other high-achievers.

Simplicity lies in that knowing here I am, the Self, and the unknown is happening in my reality and I have the space, time and freedom to smile at it before I step into it.

It’s that clear distinction that this is happening for me and I really don’t need to get lost in it. It’s not so much about holding ground, holding tight and creating resistance as is about being in the Here and Now. From here…everything else unfolds for me.

The more space and time and air I am able to put in between me and that which shows up in my external reality the more I am able to respond with a smile, welcomeness, responsibility in healthy dosage and enough participation.

Then comes the question but how do I do that? And the answer is: keeping a daily practice. Every single day I pull myself back to pour in the space and time and air.

It’s the daily practice that allows me to slow down, I spend as much time on the inside world as I do in the outside world. When I am about to face the external reality I aim to be and do so with a smile, welcomeness and responsibility in healthy dosage.

What’s your daily practice and how often do you find time to smile when you are on your own?

Thanks for reading.

Love you Smile!