Squirting happens because of a combination of things. Combination is the key. You can get a women to squirt, first you need to find a key, then you need to find a lock to put it in and then you need to know how to turn it. And….then… you can open the door. Unfortunately, you better have your water proofs on. Fortunately, life throws them in and and around for a fiver so you can get your poncho cheap. Unfortunately, squirting from a life’s perspective can come in the form of down-pouring rain to being soaked by passing vehicle going through a puddling whilst you are walking on a pavement. There is the “nose squirt”. Have you had the privilege to experience a fizzy coke coming out of your nostrils whilst laughing. Perhaps you ruined the keyboard at your desk and now your boss is “mildly angry”. What else do you know about squirting. Apparently it fills up a pint when it comes out of the female you know what. Fortunately, it’s ever so nourishing and nutrias, way better than beer in a pint glass. Unfortunately, its tricky ti trick out of the female whereas beer squirts with ease as soon as the new barrel is plugged in. Hey, perhaps you have experienced the rush of vomit squirting through your fingers trying to hold it on your way to the toilet. Fortunately, we have best friends to hold our hair back. Unfortunately, the vomiting can sometimes lead to “sharting” (translation: farting and shitting, with a super speed) which is squirting out the back door. If you think of any other ways of squirting apart from of course the juice and the bottle, please email me. Fortunately, the little jiffy-lemon squirty thing for pancakes is a great idea right here that you and I can take way from this little bit of humour.

Still early days of the year so tune in and listen to me on the webinar next week, here’s the link. I will be talking about self-discovery.

Love and light



p.s. The cover photo is credited and copyrighted 2009 by photolibrary.com.

For your information, #startwith1thing watch Racing Extinction.