Last week of this month, then it’s November when I fly to Dublin to meet Teal Swan for a synchronisation workshop. Partly dedicating (отдавам) this post to her and partly to highlight how coincidences (съвпадения) are a thing of the past.

Back in the day when people didn’t know how to describe synchronicity they said it is a coincidence but actually, it has always been about being at the right place in the right time with the right people. 

It’s about harmonising the world, your inner micro cosmos (вътрешен микро космос) and the outer bigger world, when they are in harmony (хармония) we are synchronised. Think of it this way, vertical and horizontal lines are harmonised, so things seem to happen with ease and splendour (блясък).

Harmony was part of the original blueprint (светлописно копие) for this Planet and we are slowly shifting towards (изместване към) harmony again so every time you experience a synchronicity, know that you become one and at peace with all that is (знай че ти биваш в едно и във мир със всичко това което е).


An old girlfriend of mine said that in a text one time and it really struck me.

There is also sun-synced which is to the point and in synchronicity with the sun.

I feel like all of these three words synchronicity, sync and sun-synched could be the next ones in line to go in your vocabulary and in use.

Усещам че всичките тези три думи синхронизация, синхрон и слънце-синхронизация могат да бъдат следващите по линия да влязар в твоя речник и в употреба.

Think the last time you had a synchronicity, or perhaps you called it a coincidence. Don’t hit reply but do press respond (отклик) and tell me all about it. I would love to hear from you. As always everything is private.

With love

With light



p.s. wish me a safe flight and joyful times in Dublin. Teal Swan is a hyper-senstivive and intuitive being, plus much more but it’s hard to describe and she usually gathers lots of people in a room, then she reads the dominant vibration which is based on the synchronicity and the odds of these people being in that room and at that time. Organic ei. Then she heals the whole room of that dominant vibration. I am healed but I am going to add to the healing of others. This-is-just-what-i-do-cos-i-can.

p.s.s. There shall be November truthbombs so keep an eye out and share with a friend or two.


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