Teens and peeps in their 20’s 


I personally have a nephew who is in his teens and I see them young people in the shops. For example, the girl in the staples shop who naturally is bossy but she has to bite her tongue with customers who are slower than her and less logical thinking then her. She probably struggles with her colleagues who are lazy and don’t think about ordering the shelves such that it’s easier to reach and find what you are looking for. The new generation see how things should be re-organized for ease of use but they are met with a glass wall whenever they try to voice out. May be in countries like Quebec where people have to keep up with the new, youngsters are given a voice and in fact they are invited to share their ideas. But a place like Bulgaria, where no one really cares about the fine details, the young ones are really just getting into anger and being a ticking time bomb.  

Always there will be one dominant caregiver at home, which whom the youngster would be in love with. There is a loving caring connection always between one parent and one child. This connection allows the young people to stay connected to the love within them. Being connected does not solve the problem with getting around in the world, finances and life purpose or achieving this and that.  

Teenagers play games, their minds become sharp, their slang becomes another level, they re-group and re-coop with other teenagers on the other side of the headphones. They communicate with one another through the headphones so practically they are in each other’s heads more than anyone cares to admit. Ive worked in a call center with headphones and a mic before. My customers were literally inside my brain. There will be a division between the world in my head and the world right in front of me. The physical surroundings are becoming boring but the virtual game worlds are becoming increasingly interesting. In the online world everything is fast. In the normal physical world, everything is slow. This contrast is increasingly difficult for teenagers and people in their 20’s to manage. They have zero connection to nature and therefore they have zero understanding or getting that matter is infused with spirit also. I’m talking deep spirituality here, that most of these young people won’t know on a conscious level but 


The key to them finding whatever they want like finances is through connection with nature. Connection with spirit. From the food that they eat to the leisure movies that they watch; it is always a choice.  


And let’s say, someone is spending time in nature and is vegan so they are eating plant based whole foods. At university studying psychology and feeling quite sexy along the way, wanting to be in the company of friends and cute boys all the time. There is no thought about what to do after I finish university. How will earn money, how will I get by in the world. Cos normal job is not it. They would want to be creative and to keep their uniqueness. They would want to travel. And they are not alone. There is so many of them. Competition will be inevitable unless of course, again you turn in and towards nature. Nature is as abundant as the teenagers and their crazy fast minds. There is competition for sunlight and food but there is also harmony and space for everything and everyone. Is the cup half full or half empty. Can you create within so it shows on the outside?  

The bridge.  

They will have to be willing to hit their heads in the wall again and again because the old heavy slow systems are not going to become fast and organized. Persistence is required. All of these virtues need developing, brought to the forefront, voiced out and embodied, day in day out.  

The nature of life has changed for these new generations. They are emotionally awake so they will be processing their s*%& as and when it arises instead of numbing or dumbing or suppressing it down. Some might. A lot of them will reach for drugs and alcohol but some will want to make it happen, to succeed.  

They will educate themselves about debt, taxes and cryptocurrency. They will educate themselves about the journey of the soul. They will tend to their physical and mental body through yoga and meditation. They will employ honesty every single day such that they find their way and they secure themselves finances.  

The ‘gig’ economy. All about hassling, and negotiating and bribing and I don’t know what else. Trying to stand out with greater description and a better video or selfie. Everything is a lot of work.  

Reach out to nature. Constantly, each and every day, given to her the things that you struggle with. Become amazing at identifying what’s what. Your fears, your blockages, and then ask Gaia to recycle them for you. I promise you, soon you will feel ready to go hit your head in the wall again.  

Context and boundaries.  

Once you know the boundaries you can create whatever you want within them. In the gig example, this mean that once you know what you are supposed to do and not do, take time to digest it all and then let inspiration speak. Do not be fooled that this will ever stop. No, it won’t. Today you are in the gig economy tomorrow you are re-branding again. All of your life, the chi force will run through you, and all of your life, it will show up in a different form. There is creation and renewal and then there is erosion and dissolving. You need to be okay with both. The problem with the oldies is that they are not okay with the dissolving, they just run away and hide from it.  

I can only imagine how my nephew perceives his reality when he is on the computer playing his favorite game with his favorite peeps and then he goes downstairs. Oh oh, now he meets mum who is on her phone and dad who is laying on the sofa watching tv. Everything is static. Yaiks. It hurts. This is the fricking brick wall of the other reality. What do you do?  


What do you do? 


You go to them, each of them, and you look into their eyes, and you remind them, that you love them, that they are approved of, that they are accepted as they are and that they are forgiven. You smile at them and receive whatever response they have for you at this time. Their response to your open loving embrace will show you where they are at on their spiritual journey of evolution. It has nothing to do with you. Okay. It has everything to do with the depth at which they see themselves. Now, if you were the one saying I love you to your dad in shows you where u r in your soul’s journey. There is never enough I love you or I accept you or I hear you. All of your life you must return to love first. Love for yourself and then with open heart and relaxed mind you love others. What dad responds to you when you say to him, I love you, is exactly what he needs to hear for himself. You are the universe he is speaking to and through, reaching back towards his own soul. If he said I love you, then you know he is really having the self-love foundation in place too. If he says not now, then you know he is a little disconnected with himself and not you. It’s always about where the other person is at, it is not about you and what you said. If you evoke a reaction that you don’t like, then you get to process dislike. Since you are an emotionally awake and aware being already. You blame no one. You let dislike run its course through you and then you are good to bang your head in the brick wall once again.  

And like that for the rest of your life.  


Context, let’s talk about that for a minute. Think about where are you experiencing your reality from. Are you experiencing the lack of money or gigs from a place of I’m like everyone else and no one will notice me? Can you create something that serves you and empowers you, like I’m either getting a gig or I’m getting time to be with my feelings, both are win win. Or I’m abundant with so much to give that whomever gets my gig today, will be surprised. Context is about your relationship to the experience. It can be conditioned and created by the mass or it can be expansive and created by the self. When you find what works then spend time with it. Consider this question 


What context am I in that creates the experience I have? 


For example, your body is rather static when you play games and it is likely that you will see other people in static positions too. If your physical body is active, always moving around and well-toned, then you are mostly going to see people who are active as well.  

With finding your life’s purpose or with earning money, relationships and achievements, all areas of life can be experienced from a self-created context. Look at the experience you have relative to money and now ask the question ‘what context am I in that creates the experience I have?’. This is a powerful question which I think you must keep alive in yourself all of your life.  


So, let me sum it up. You self-educate on money, economics, debt, taxes and cryptocurrency. You connect to nature asking her to recycle stuff that get you, for you. You identify what you are feeling, fearing, bumping up against and you feel it to completion, then return to your ideas. If you can have it your way…? Voice it out. Learn the boundaries and play within them expansively. You ask the question ‘what context am I in that creates the experience I have?’. You hit a wall, and you start again. Just like the computer games.  

There are those of us out here that want to bridge the old with the new and to help you bring forth the gifts of your soul. You will find us and you will recognize us. Still, though, your job will be to communicate effectively with us, the systems and your peers.  

Please feel free to write to me if you have a question or a topic that you would like me to write so that you read about. I am looking forward to writing about you again, teens and 20’s.